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                    MAKING ORIGAMI PAPER

This is an explanation of how to draw and print a square with Word. You can print this square
on a coulored paper which fits in your printer. After cutting this square you have a nice
coulored piece of paper.

First you have to draw a rectangle, by choosing the rectangle icon in the draw-menu, see
the yellow arrow. Draw a rectangle by left-clicking (and holding this button) in the
document and moving the mouse to any direction. After releasing the mouse-button the
rectangle is drawn.
Now, right-click on one of the lines of the rectangle. After doing this you see a menu that
looks like this:

                                                                                Fill the same number after "Height" and
                                                                                "Width". Here I filled 9,0 in both boxes.
                                                                                Press "OK" and your square is drawn.

                                                                                Now you can print the square on a coulored
                                                                                piece of paper.

draw rectangle

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