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Origami is practiced by many people all over the world and nowadays people even
design fashion that's inspired by origami. Many different dresses, skirts or blouses
with folded details or inspired by origami are sold on the internet by individuals or
large warehouses.

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For example, the dress below has some folded details and is available for costumers
through the internet:

The origami clothes in this set are also available through the internet:
Origami clothes
Origami clothes van * cosмic fLoWeR * met Dorothy Perkins

The names of these clothes are (from left to right):

Pink origami Cami
Yellow origami Cami
Origami Pencil dress
Scoop origami top
Structured origami skirt
Mint origami Cami

This dress is a little more elegant and has folded parts too:
one of these things
one of these things van juliepatricia met 1928 jewelry

Origami on the Catwalk

A nice origami Prom Dress is showed in this video:

And this dress has a folded front (Also available for costumers):

This is a very beautiful dress and in it's design are origami details too:

Click here for more details
Bebe Uber Zip Origami Dress

Wearable Origami Art

Many good artists spend some time designing origami-inspired clothes,
some of them can create a real masterpiece of an origami dress

Origami Dress by ~Fraeggle on deviantART

This origami dress is made with cheap gift wrap paper (looks great!):

Paper Origami Dress by ~dudette123 on deviantART

This is a very extravagant dress, but nice to show here too:

And some artists even try to make an origami dress of a newspaper:

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