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     Printable papers for ORIGAMI TULIPS
These are all the papers you need to make exactly the same tulips as in the picture.
Origami Tulip paper    Origami Tulip paper                Origami leaf paper                        Origami stem paper
Front-side flower    Back-side flower                Leaf                             Stem

origami tulips

First choose a pattern to print. When you see the pattern on your screen,
click on 'print' in the menu-bar of your internet-browser and the pattern
will be printed.

If you want to print the pattern for the flowers, first print the front-side
of the pattern. Then, let the ink dry. Then put the same paper in your
printer again, make sure that the back of the paper is printed on this time.
Now, you can print the back-side of the pattern for the flower.
You can also print the stem double-sided if you like.