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The papers for these origami candies are colored on one side. 

Make Origami Candies                                                    


Step 1:
I used 4 different colours for making the candy, you can use any colour you like.
The size of the papers is 3x3 inch or 7,5x7,5 centimeters.

Step 2:
Take a coloured piece of paper and one completely white paper.
Make a paperball of the white paper.

Make Origami Candies                                                     


Make Origami Candies                                                     

Step 3:
I made the paperball not completely round, but a bit tube shaped.
Lay the paperball on the coloured piece of paper.

Step 4:
Roll up the coloured paper around the white paperball.
Make Origami Candies                                                     


Step 5:
Hold the model the same as I do in this picture, so the coloured paper stays around the paperball.
Press the model flat from all sides at the place indicated by the arrows, this is right beside the paperball.

Make Origami Candies                                                     

Make Origami Candies                                                     
Step 6:
Repeat step 5 on the other side of the model.


Step 7:
Pull the ends of the candy-piece a bit outwards, see arrows.
Make Origami Candies

Make enough candies to fill a jar or something else.


Origami Wrapped Candy                                                     


Origami Wrapped Candies                                                     


This video also shows you how to make the wrapped candies:

Origami candies