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                     MY ORIGAMI

I use a part of my house as Origami workshop and to show my models.
This video shows you how my place looks now, I am really proud of it :)
(almost) everything is my own design:

I make most of my videos here:

Barbie tennis court
This is a background with a part of a tennis court.
I used it for
a video with me folding a tennis skirt .


The castle is made from a few hundred Origami bricks and
the roofs are placed on top of the towers using no glue or tape.
Click here for more info about the castle island

Origami castle

Origami dragon    Origami cemetery
The dragon is folded out of a paper which is about 2x2 metres.
The witch is flying above the cemetery and she's wearing an Origami witch hat.


I try to find a nice spot in the kitchen for most of my Origami food models:
Origami cakes    Kawaii Origami kitchen    Kawaii Origami kitchen

Some of my best food models deserve a place on the dinner table:
Origami food dish


I love to make flowers, because they are colorful and looking so alive:
Origami flowers    Origami flowers


Paper city    Paper city
I like using the city as background for a video,
anything can happen:  A traffic jam, bank robbery, neighbours quarreling etc.


This is one large carton box filled with small Origami underwater models.
I used this background for a short underwater adventure game.
Click here to play the Underwater Adventure

Origami Underwater world

Origami museum    Joost Langeveld   
Joost Langeveld is author of 10 Origami books.
More then 50.000 items of his first book "Fabulous Folded Flowers" are sold now.
Of his book "Flower Origami" are more then 75.000 items sold


Origami fashion    Origami fashion
Designing fashion / clothes is also fun, these are some examples.
Origami is very similar to making real clothes, because
making real fashion also uses various folding techniques.

Joost Langeveld    Joost Langeveld

Click here to see the beginning of my museum