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                       ORIGAMI EXPERIMENTS

I like designing new models very much, and also working out new ideas I have in my head.
I noticed that by working out new ideas/models each time, I gradually got better the last few
years. These are some examples of new models I designed and other funny origami experiments.

    This is an experiment with a technic lego construction making origami planes, bombs and
    clouds move. The picture on the left shows the prototype and the picture on the right shows
    the final 3d origami tv. All models move on just one engine only.

technic lego 3d television    technic lego origami tv with moving parts only    mechanical 3d tv made of technic lego pieces

    This is also a technic lego experiment: A large cage with moving origami parrots.
    The picture on the left shows the lego construction, it all moves on just one tiny engine

    technic lego construction for a cage with moving origami parrots    origami parrots moving on a technic lego construction    large cage with automatically moving origami parrots

    This is a project with automatically moving origami, a wind vane made of 100% paper.
    The propellor rotates very fast, if there's wind enough. This could be a nice engine
    for my yet-to-build origami factory ;) (way to much new ideas)

origami wind vane with rotating propellor

    Moving / rotating things are fun, so a few years later I decided to make
    small scale paper wind turbines for my city / town.
    Origami wind turbine        Origami wind turbine
    The wind turbine is made of three parts which are slided into
    each other. The rotor has three large blades and it's folded out
    of one paper square. I use a hair dryer to simulate real wind.
    Click here to see a video with instructions for making the paper wind turbine

Here I've tried to design a dollar bill Statue of Liberty.
I've used white paper first, before making the model with real dollars.

Origami statue of liberty              money origami mexican man with sombrero    money origami queen of England
                                                                                   These are folded money models of a Mexican man and the queen of England.
                                                                                                    I think they do look pretty nice. Maybe I have to work them out a little further.
                                                                                                    It would be great if the text 'MEXICO' wasmore visible on the sombrero.
                                                                                                    And the crown of the queen could bea little larger or more visible.

Carton furniture
Carton is great for making cupboards and small tables. I use wrapping papers or crepe paper
to cover the dull carton, so the furniture gets a nice and fresh look.

Carton cupboard        carton box with shelves        Skirted table
This cupboard is made out     This small box with shelves is also             I made this cute table by just
of carton boxes and I use       made out of carton. I use it to store          wrapping a skirt around a cardboard
it for dolls with Origami           tiny Origami models                                       box, easy and decorative!
fashion. I used red dotted                                                                                  
wrapping papers to cover                                                                                  
the carton boxes.

Origami underwater world
This underwater world is placed on a small table which is made
out of carton and newspapers. I rolled up newspapers, wrapped
aluminium foil around them and taped them to the inside of a
large carton box. I used crepe paper as a tablecloth.

   I made a draft drawing for this 3d painting with the computer first, to see if the fishes fitted well
   between the yellow birds. Then I started making the complete painting.
   It's actually still a sort of prototype, but I have placed it in my shop/museum already.
3d origami painting with birds and fishes    computer drawing for a 3d origami painting    two 3d origami jigsaw pieces

narrow alley made with hundreds of origami bricks    complete wall made of large origami bricks
Here I am making an origami alley from my stairs to the upper floor.
The bricks are glued to the wall. I am going to use paper with a sort of
stone-print to cover the wooden stairs. Then I will cover the printed
paper with plastic foil. Just a few hundred more bricks and I'm done......

Large(r) Origami models
Sometimes I try to fold an existing model in large / life size,
most of my efforts work out pretty fine.
Origami treasure chest        
The lid of this treasure chest can be pulled upwards, I inserted my Origami gold bars in it.
I taped aluminium foil to a large brown paper for folding the treasure chest.

Origami pig
I folded this Pig out of a thick large pink paper of 1x1 metres, almost cardboard paper.
It's pretty heavy folding large model out of thick papers, but this pig has become real firm :)

Long rectangle Origami papers
You could buy expensive papers, fold one of these expensive squares in half a few times
and fold a real beautiful model out of this rectangle.
Or you can think smart by just buying standard papers and cut and glue these papers into
long, very nice foldable rectangles.
I prefer the second option, because it's the most practical and useful.

    Origami centipede folding    Origami centipede
    I folded this centipede out of a long rectangle which is
    black on one side and red on the other.

    Origami fishbone folding    Origami fishbone
    The Origami paper for this fishbone is made out of a few
    standard white papers cut and glued into one long rectangle

    Click here to see a video with the fishbone

Strong paper constructions
Roll one standard printer- / copy paper up into a stick and you have a base for making
pretty strong constructions:

Closet with curtains           Origami planes in formation            Paper stick
Here I made a curtain rod out of         I glued these Origami planes on              This is an example of a paper stick made
a long paper stick.                                a triangle construction made of              by rolling up standard paper tightly.
It's strong enough to hold the             paper sticks.  I hanged everything
white curtains :)                                    on three threads to keep it in balance.

Origami Fashion - Make paper clothes
Origami shoe    Origami skirt
Making real clothes often uses folding techniques which are very similar
to Origami. This skirt is a good example.
I'm designing a pleated tennis skirt here, it's almost done.
The high heel shoe is almost done too, the heel needs to be a little more
pointy and the toe box is still open.

Mermaid gown    Mermaid gown    Origami mermaid gown
The first thing I do when I start designing a new model, is searching pictures
of that model on the internet. This is to get a good impression about the real
shape of a model.
I used about 10 example pictures for designing this mermaid gown. I drawed
the basic shape of the dress using these 10 pictures.
After I did that, I really started designing the dress in paper / Origami.
I learned that spending a lot of time getting a good imression about the real
shape of a model, makes the result in Origami much better.
Click here for a video with the Origami mermaid gown

These are three first steps in designing a Unicorn head:
Origami Unicorns
This is going to be an Unicorn head which you can place on
a table or use as pencil topper. Almost done, the neck still
needs a few adjustments.

Origami SPIDER
Sometimes I try to improve a model which I designed earlier, because I'm not completely
happy about it. The spider is a good example:
Origami spider    Origami spider    Origami spider    
This is my first own designed spider,                                               I didn't really like the body of the spider, 
looks pretty well in a handmade paper web.                                  so I designed this spider a few years later.
                                                                                                               The body looks a bit more frightening
Origami spider    Later I noticed that the legs were to thick,
which made me design this spider. Until now, I am still happy about this design.....
Click here to see a video with my latest spider

origami rat    origami duck    origami dog
These are design-pictures of models which I've used for one of my books.
Mostly, I use plain white paper to design new models. When I think a model looks
good enough in white, I start remaking it with coloured papers.

This tiger and cat look pretty nice, they only need a pair of ears:
Origami tiger    Origami cat


This one looks like a cat too, but the back is not good yet, because of the openings.
origami cat try-out                                                                                                                       

I think this cobra looks pretty good.
origami cobra
This flower is almost finished, I only need to find a good coloured paper for it.
Origami flower

This one looks like a frog, but the body is not thick enough yet.
origami frog

I tried to design an origami book here, but I finished with a kirigami book, because I used
scissors to make it. It's more difficult than I thought to design an origami book.

kirigami book

This one looks like an ox, but there's still a big gap on top of the model.
origami ox

This looks like a beaver, but maybe it's just because of the color of the paper I used.
origami beaver

This is an origami cow. I think this can be a good model after a few little adjustments.
origami cow

This is a flower with eight petals, I think it looks pretty
good. Maybe the center should be a little different. 

Origami flower

Here I tried to design another flower with eight petals. Maybe the petals are a bit to edgy.
Origami flower

Here I tried to design an origami lizard, but I found it
difficult to get a longer tail, this tail is still to short.
Maybe the basic-shape of the model is not good for a long tail.

origami lizard try-out
Paper ball
Paper ballPaper ballPaper ballPaper ball
Paper ballPaper ballPaper ball
Paper ball