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Selfmade gifts or gifts with something selfmade extra are always a great idea instead of just
buying something 'special'. Origami is great for making gifts more special and the options are
countless :) Below are some examples / ideas for making nice gifts in Origami style.

Origami Flowers

Origami Calla Lilies        Origami Calla Lilies       
A bouquet of Origami flowers is a real nice gift to give.
This bouquet of white Calla Lilies for example, is a great as wedding gift.
Colorful flowers are great as birthday gift and Origami roses for someone....

Origami Lavender Flowers                Tissue paper flowers    Tissue paper flowers
Origami / paper flowers are also nice as decoration for a gift, these are two examples:
A piece of lavender soap with a small bunch of Origami Lavender flowers. And towels / bath towels with
a small bouquet of paper napkin flowers, real cute :) You can also use washclothes instead of paper tissues.

Perfume with Origami Flowers

Perfume with Origami Flowers                        Perfume with Origami Flowers    Perfume Box with Origami Flowers
(Floral) Perfume is a nice gift and you can make it something special by adding
small selfmade Origami flowers. You can add them as single flowers, make a small
floral bouquet out of them or glue the single flowers to the perfume box. Be creative!

Black Origami Roses    Black Origami Roses
Here I added a bouquet of black mini Origami roses to an exciting scent :)

Food and Beverage gifts   

Origami Elephant    Chocolate bar with Origami Elephant                Origami Bees
Adding one or more Origami models to a food gift can make it extra fun to give.
Here I added an Origami Elephant to chocolate of a famous brand. And Origami Bees / Bumblebees
glued to two honey jars, real fun!

Origami Rooster    Advocado with Origami Rooster                Tropical Beverage
Here a attached an Origami Rooster to an advocado bottle of a famous brand.
And on the right I decorated a tropical drink with an Origami Flamingo and Palm Tree.
This stuff really does make food gifts more fun to give :)

Origami Dress shaped Boxes    Origami Dress shaped Boxes            Origami Heart shaped candy Boxes    Origami Heart shaped candy Boxes   
Giving candies in selfmade paper / Origami gift boxes is also fun.  On the left I used
selfmade dress boxes for stroring candies. These cute Origami dress boxes are great as wedding gifts.

And on the right I used Heart shaped Boxes to store candies and use it as birthday gift.

Jewelry Gifts

Origami Gift Bags        Origami Diamond shaped Boxes        Origami Flowers Necklace
You can make real cute small boxes and bags in Origami and use them to store special things.
Here I used small Origami gift bags and Diamond shaped boxes for jewelry gifts.
And on the right I made a necklace with small Origami flowers and stored it in a 'real' jewelry case.

Origami Zebra Keychain Charm    Origami Zebra Keychain Charm
This is a selfmade mini Origami Zebra used as keychain charm.
Easy Origami models are great for making tiny gifts like this Zebra charm.

Books and Magazines Gifts

Harry Potter Book    Fairy Coloring Book
Adding Origami models to a book, magazine etc. is also fun:
On the left I added an Origami Witch Hat and Magic Wand to a Harry Potter book.
And on the right I decorated a Fairy coloring book with Origami Dragonflies and a Sword,
makes it all a little more special :)

Origami Shopping Bags
Here I used selfmade Origami polkadot bags for a stack of magazines.
Sometimes it's more easy to just make a paper bag yourself than search
for ages until you find a nice gift bag ;) Really.

Cards and Posters Gifts   

Origami Floral Cards    Origami Cake Slice Card    Origami Sunflowers Card
These are a few examples of nice greeting / birthday cards in Origami Style. I used photos of
my own Origami models to create them. A nice option when you don't have time to make a visit.

Origami Zebra Poster        Origami Butterflies Poster
If you do have time to visit the person, a large poster in
Origami style can be real nice as a gift. Here I used large
photo frames for two posters with Origami animals.

Other Origami style Gift ideas  

Origami Parrots                    Origami Boat Charm
Origami Parrots on a stand               Origami Boat Keychain Charm

Purple paper gift         Red paper Gift  
Wrapping gifts yourself is also fun, here I used purple and red
glitter wrapping papers for two festive gifts.

Origami Cake                                                                                                                                                                     Origami Cake
This is a video with some examples of Origami style gifts: