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Origami / paper crafting things I found on the internet

Joe Pesci Origami       
08-21-2022: Pesci Origami
Join Joe Pesci introduces us to the ancient art of Origami ;)
Awesome video, watch it on YouTube

Dress with Origami Rose    Dress with Origami Rose    Dress with Origami Rose        Dress with Origami details    Dress with Origami details
02-07-2021: ORIGAMI in real FASHION
Affordable clothings with Origami details like these dresses are available at
Just search for Origami and you'll find a regularly updated stock of Origami inspired fashion
The white dress is decorated with a large Origami Rose and the pink dress has some Origami folded details.

Flamingo Earrings    Hearts Bracelet    Origami Peacock Mugs    Origami Bow Phone Wallet    Origami Whale Plate
02-08-2021: ORIGAMI GADGETS is a large marketplace that delivers almost everything,
also things like these Origami jewelry, mugs, phone bag and dinner plate

KitKat Origami    KitKat Origami
11-27-2019: KITKAT ORIGAMI
KitKat wants to replace its plastic packagings by recycable Origami ones,
 including instructions for folding a model out of the packaging.

These ones are already been sold in Japan, more info about it on this page

Origami lamp    Origami lamp
11-26-2019: ORIKOMI LAMPS
Beautiful and stylish Origami inspired lamps made of high quality paper.
They are available in lots of variations. More info about the lamps on the Orikomi site

Disney Princess Origami    Disney Princess Origami paper    Disney Princess Origami
Very nice Origami kit with beautiful papers to fold Disney Princess models.
(I found this set on Amazon)

Paper roses        Paper workshop       Paperpassion fair        Paper houses
Roses by Paperflowercrush        Workshop at PaperPassion                             Shopping at PaperPassion      Paper houses                
09-20-2017: PaperPassion
PaperPassion is a fair in the Netherlands with everything about paper, like
paper cutting, crafting, coloring, folding, painting and writing.
More info at

Barbie in pink dress    Barbie Pink in Pantone    Barbie Pink in Pantone
Amazing collectible Barbie in pink leather dress decorated with color chips in original Barbie pink,
the same color as her signature PMS 219C (Released in 2012 and still available for $50 to about $200)

Origami Ring with Crane    Origami Ring with Crane    Origami Ring with Crane
09-08-2016:  Origami Ring with Crane has a small but great collection of Origami fashion and accessoiries.
This 'real' Origami ring has a tiny Origami Crane detail

Monster High dolls with paper dresses    Paper dresses for dolls    Paper dresses
05-05-2015: Dolls with paper clothes
Printable Doll Clothes is a site with pictures of great handmade paper dresses
and other clothes for fashion dolls like Barbie, Monster High and Ever After High.
This site also has videos with instructions for making the paper clothes yourself.

3d Origami tea cup with paper flowers
02-07-2015: 3d Origami tea cup with paper flowers
The tea cup is made of about 300 Origami triangles fitted together and it's filled
with real cute and colorful paper flowers.
More 3d Origami models at  Artsy Hands Creations on

Artistic and modern Origami hat   Cute fashion model with artistic dress   Photoshop picture with Origami models
02-07-2015: Photoshop picture "Paper Girl" with Origami models
This artistic picture is made by pasting Origami models in a picture of
a fashion model. The picture on the right shows the final result.
This page shows how the picture is made

Origami Rainbow Koi Fish Wall Decoration
02-07-2015: Rainbow Origami Koi Fish
This wall is decorated with colorful Origami Koi Fish in rainbow texture.
And this page has links to instructions for the Origami Koi Fish decoration

Bird blanket  Blanket which can be folded into a bird  Fold a blanket into a bird
09-18-2014: Play - Fold - Bird
This blanket can be folded into a real cuddly bird!
Much more info here

Cats with origami Hats
05-29-2014: Cats with origami Hats
Cute GIF-animation of cats with origami hats falling
of their heads, click here to see the animation

05-29-2014: Cartoon Origami App
Cartoon Origami App    Learn to fold an origami Fox
Learn to create about 20 funny figures with this great App,
like a fox and a frog. The models are pretty easy and instructions are clear.
Here's some more info about the Cartoon Origami App

05-28-2014: Origami Sculpture of Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Kasteel van Doornroosje van papier        Doornroosjes kasteel van papier
This origami castle is made by Paul Jackson. All 5000 pieces
are folded from Disneyland Paris' 20th Anniversary brochures. The highest point
of the castle is about 3 metres! Click here for more info.

05-28-2014: Funny Origami Pictures
origami Hummingbirds    Garden Princess with flying origami Hummingbirds    Real Squirrel and some origami Squirrels
These are some great pictures which are edited with Photoshop.
At are a few more of these artistic pictures.

Wendy Plomp                                       Li Hongbo                                            Maureen Ngoc
Paper Cave    Fairytale World    Origami fashion decoration
10-31-2013: CODA Paper Art Netherlands
This exhibition was in 2013 at the CODA museum Apeldoorn (Netherlands) and showed
what you can make of paper (too bad there was no real origami there)

origami Ice Creams
05-19-2012: Cool origami Ice Creams
These tasty looking ice creams are designed by Shoichi Ishiwata.
Click here for instructions to fold them

05-19-2012: Great Anime Models
anime origami girl        anime origami girl with long hair
These anime origami girls are made by
the Tokyo University Origami Club.
Click here to see many more fantastic models

Cushion with origami details
05-19-2012: Cushion with origami details
This cushion with folded pigeons is from Urban Outfitters,
they also made one with folded square-details
Click here to see the origami cushions

Golden Venture Origami Swans
05-19-2012: Golden Venture Origami Swans
These are made by AmazingOrigami and it would probably
have taken her a lot of time to fold
Click here to see responses to this picture

Origami Design Lamps
05-19-2012: Origami Design Lamps
Special heat-resistant paper is used to make these lamps
Click here to see them and some other great lamps

Cute origami Tea Set
05-19-2012: Cute origami Tea Set
This tea set is designed by Yuya Ushida and she likes creating things that make people happy
Click here for more info and pictures

Origami Toilet Paper
05-19-2012: Origami Toilet Paper
You'll never get bored again when you go to the toilet,
this one has printed diagrams on it.
Click here for more info (price etc.)

05-19-2012: Origami Tables
Origami Tables
Large birds carry a glass tabletop,
design: Sebastian Burdon
Click here for more info

05-19-2012: Origami Dragon
origami dragon
This large dragon is folded from
newspapers. By: Himanshu Agrawal.
Click here to see his profile on Flickr

Origami Stegosaurus
05-19-2012: Origami Stegosaurus
This stegosaurus is designed by the creators of Oriland
Click here for more info

Dolcini Origami Satin Peep Toe Pumps
05-19-2012: Dolcini Origami Satin Peep Toe Pumps
These cool origami pumps are worn by Rihanna,
Click here for more info

3D Origami Hello Kitty
09-23-2011: 3D Origami Hello Kitty
This is also called 'Golden Venture Origami' and these
kind of models are often made of a few hundred tiny
origami models connected together.
Click here to see more models like this one

Origami Pikachu
09-23-2011: Origami Pikachu
Pokemon Origami is pretty popular and I like this Pikachu model
very much
Click here for a video with instructions for this origami Pikachu

origami tea bags
09-23-2011: Tea bags in origami style
These tea bags are from a Russian designer called Natalia Ponomareva
Click here for more information about these origami tea bags

12-11-2010: Wikipedia article about Akira Yoshizawa
Article about the grandmaster of origami, Akira Yoshizawa. He designed about
50.000 origami models during his live.
Click here to read the article on Wikipedia

12-11-2010: Funny facts about origami
This page has some funny articles about origami-stuff, like the smallest crane and
a cobra of almost 150 feet long (=about 45 meters)
Click here to see the page with funny articles

04-11-2010: Cool origami anime models
Almost everything is done with origami, so there are also origami anime models.
These ones look very cool, but they're pretty difficult to fold.
Click here to see the anime models

04-11-2010: Edible origami
These fried origami cranes are made of wonton dough and you can really eat them.
They sure look tasty, yummie!
Click here to see the edible origami cranes

09-14-2009: Beautiful origami dress
This couture dress is entirely made of paper. It's pretty hard to see that it's a paper dress.
The top is made of various origami flowers.
Click here if you want to see this origami dress

04-19-2009: Lovely origami earrings
These beautiful origami earrings are folded from shimmering origami papers. If you want,
you can buy them and they are available in various colours.
Click here if you want to see these lovely earrings

11-19-2008: Funny videos
I have never seen worse origami models than in the videos on this site.
Click here if you want to see this website

09-26-2008: Beautiful Origami Jewelry
I found these pictures of jewelry while I was searching the internet for origami models
Click here if you want to see the pictures

06-29-2008: New Site: 'Origami Tube'
This is a new site with only videos about origami. The site is just launched,
hopefully it's going to be a big succes.
Click here to go to this site

05-02-2008: Kirigami-Insects
On this page are some great pictures of kirigami-insects.
Click here to see the pictures of the insects

02-17-2008: Blouse with Origami Flowers
This site sells a blouse with white origami-flowers on it.
Click here to see the origami-flower-blouse

12-24-2007: The Oldest Origami Book
On this site are pictures of all the pages of the oldest origami-book.
Maybe nice to print out?
Click here to see the oldest origami-book

10-18-2007: Folding a T-shirt
In this video is explained how to fold T-shirts very quick and neat.
Click here to watch the video

17-07-2007: Folding with Towels
An original idea, folding an elephant with towels!
Click here to watch the video

05-05-2007: Nice origami-site, 'Origami Club'
Origami site with many diagrams of various models.
Click here to go to this website

08-04-2007: Interview with Robert Lang
This is an interview from 2005 with Robert Lang. He is a full-time origami master.
Click here to see the interview

08-04-2007: Video about an origami-master
Video about Eric Joisel, with examples of very complex models.
Click here to see the video

08-04-2007: Site with origami-flowers
Site from Hiromi Hayashi, with pictures of beautifull flowers.
Click here to see the website

08-04-2007: Origami Forum
This forum is used by many people over the world.
Click here to see the forum