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April 2024 I had an official open house weekend for the first time, about 70 visitors came to see my
place and also a few media companies. Because of the many great responses and enthusiasm of
the people which came, I'm certainly going to do this more often 🙂
If you're an enthusiastic paper / folding and/or Origami practitioner, don't hesitate to contact me 
to discuss the possibillity of having a small exhibition in my house.
If you're only interested in just taking a look at what I made,
you don't need to wait until my next open house weekend. It's also possible to visit my place by
making an appointment through email.

Origami museum    Origami museum    Origami museum

Floyd Jimenez Fernandez - ORIGANISME

Floyd is  Origami art teacher and practices Origami since he was 14 years old.
He made all sorts of special things, like a large Golden Venture Origami swan out of 8000 pieces,
we placed his Golden Venture swan at the entrance of my appartment for one day.

Golden Venture Origami Swan              Origami Mini World  Origami Mini World

Inside was a large life size doll he made and a detailed mini world made out of various Origami models.
The base of this mini world is made out of Diamond Window Cubes, which he partly designed himself.

Origami museum    Origami Artists

Visit his site Origanisme by Floyd to see photos of his own creations and info about what services
he does.


Monika Cilmi is a professional artist, author and creative holistic coach from  Engeland / Cyprus
and also makes japanese oriŽntated artworks and Origami, her paintings with  fluent and dancing
lines are really something special and recognizable.

Origami Exhibition    Origami by Monika Cilmi

Monika did a small exhibition in my house with Origami models which she partly designed herself,
everything in energizing / bright colours. I really like the Origami style cards she made.

Origami Greeting Cards    Origami Exhibition        Monika Cilmi

She does a lot more than plain Origami, she also does things like painting and coaching people.
Visit Colour your Dream to learn everything about her art and what she does.

Interview - Dutch News Program

A news program called Hart van Nederland came to my house early in the morning for an interview
and they made a real nice impression of everything:
        Dutch News program