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                     ORIGAMI DICTIONARY
- In alphabetic order -

3d Origami Art              One large 3d-model is made of many smaller and simple origami models.
                                      Sometimes even more then a few thousand pieces are used to make
                                      these 3d-models

A4 paper Origami        Folding with a4 papers (letter size) instead of square Origami papers.
                                     An envelope is easier to fold out of an a4 paper (unless you have a large
                                     square paper).

Abstract Origami         The same as abstract art, abstract figures that represent
                                     an existing object or animal. These are very stylistic models.

Accordion-fold              Folding of pleats which look like the ones of an accordion instrument.
                                      Basicly the same as zig zag folds. You can fold models like a fan,
                                      butterfly or flower using this technique.

Action Origami             These are models which can be moved, like a frog that
                                      jumps when you press on it. A paper plane can also be called
                                      an action origami model.

Advanced Origami        These models are difficult to fold or look very complex.
                                      They are mostly designed by "true" origami masters.

Air-Folding                   Most people fold their models on a hard surface, like a table.
                                     But it's also possible to fold models with your hands in the air, free from
                                     a table or desk. Some models are easier to fold on a table and others are
                                     easier with your hands in the air (this varies from person to person).

Akira Yoshizawa          (1911-2005). Origami grandmaster who designed about 50.000
                                     origami models during his whole life. He also produced many new
                                      techniques, like wet-folding. In 1983 he was honoured to the
                                      "Order of the Rising Sun", this is one of the highest honors that
                                     can be given in Japan.

Anime Origami Model  Origami model which looks like a figure from Japanese cartoons.

Auto Origami                Simple models are folded automatically, like when you let a drop
                                      of water fall on a small piece of plastic, the plastic folds itself
                                      into another shape.

Balloon Origami           Folding with real balloons to create funny looking models.
                                     Mostly long balloons are used to make the balloon-models.

Basic-Shape                 Many models are folded the same way in the first few steps.
                                     In these first steps you fold a figure that is called a basic shape.
                                     From this basic shape many nice different models can be folded.

Blintz Fold                    In this fold the four corners of a square paper are folded to the
                                     center of the paper.
Bonsai Origami            The typical Japanese flower, plants and trees arranging style
                                     is practiced in Origami too

Bookfold                       Folding a part/piece of the model to the left or right, the same as
                                     turning a page in a book.

Candy Wrapper Origami   Origami models folded out of colorful candy wrappers.
                                     Popular candy wrapper models are flowers, jewelry and bags.

Ceremonial Origami    In ancient Japan Origami was only used as a ceremonial art,
                                     because paper was really expensive. It was used for ceremonials like
                                     weddings or as a good luck object for Samurai Warriors.

Chiyogami paper         Paper that has been hand stencilled or printed with traditional Japanese
                                     images. Chiyogami paper was traditionally used for making paper dolls.
                                     Modern artists also use it to fold models like boxes, irisses, cranes etc.

Christmas Origami       Folding models special for Christmas, like christmas-trees,
                                     christmas-stars, santa clauses etc.

Circular Origami          Origami models folded from round papers, this can be fun for folding
                                     origami flowers.

Cruise ship towel Origami      Many cruise ships decorate the passengers beds and/or huts with
                                     selfmade towel models instead of just placing a pile in the bathroom.
                                     Common used models are monkeys, dogs and swans.

Cutting Origami           A little cutting is used to make it easier to fold a model,
                                     this is actually the same as kirigami.

Diagrams                     Diagrams are used for step by step explanation  of how to fold a model.
                                     Most time they're line drawings that represent how a model 
                                     should look in each step.

DNA-origami                DNA is folded/manipulated the same as in real origami, so you get
                                     2 or 3 dimensional shapes on a very tiny scale.
Dollar-Bill Origami       These are models folded of a dollar-bill.
                                     This is also called 'money origami'

Edible origami             You can eat these models without any risk for your health.
                                     You don't see this very often but an example is a fried origami crane
                                     folded from dough.

Eurogami                     Folding origami models of euro notes, there are some books available
                                     now with folding models of real euro notes.

Fabric Folding              These models are folded of fabric.
                                     It's pretty difficult to fold a model of any kind of fabric
                                     because the folds won't hold in many occasions.
                                     But flowers for example are nice to fold with fabric.

Fabrigami                    Folding models using real fabric, most models are easy to fold,
                                    but can look real fashionable.
                                   Flowers, boxes and clothings are popular in fabrigami style.

Flat Origami Model      A one layered 2d origami model. Most of these flat models are
                                     easy to fold.

Floating Origami          Models which can float on water, like boats, catamarans and ducks.

Florigami                      Some people use this word when they are talking about origami flowers.

Floragami                     Another word for Florigami, folding paper flowers.

Fluffy Gami                  Folding `fluffy' models like bears, ponies, kittens and other fluffy stuff.

Folding Robot              This machine can fold an origami model automatically.
                                     It is still very difficult to create machines that can fold
                                     advanced models.

Furoshiki                      Japanese art of wrapping gifts / things in garments which have
                                     a traditional japanese print most times.
                                     Handbags and shoulder bags can also be made in Furoshiki style.

Geo Gami
                     Making of large geometric / mathemathical shapes out of smaller Origami
                                     parts. Star shapes, cubes and modular balls are often called Geo Gami.

Girligami                      Folding models which are fun for girls, like: High heels, earrings,
                                     shopping bags and other fashionable origami stuff

Golden Venture Origami  A big object is made of a few hundred smaller origami models.
                                     These smaller models are most times very easy to fold and
                                     can be folded in just a few seconds. A large dragon made of
                                     200 smaller models is a good example of Golden Venture Origami.

Horrorgami                  Frightening origami models. You don't see these very much, but when
                                     you search the internet a while they can be found.

I-gami                           Many different plastic pieces are connected to each other to make
                                     one large model of a plane, flower, ball etc. This toy is inspired by
                                     origami, models made of these plastic pieces look a bit like real folded
                                     paper models.

Ikebana (origami)        Japanese art art arranging flowers. The arrangement is more
                                     important then the beauty of the flowers. In Japan Ikebana is
                                     also done with origami flowers.

Industrial Origami        Folding techniques are used to make packages and other
                                     objects in large numbers.

Inflatable Origami       Origami model that is finished after you folded and inflated it.

Japanese Noshi           A folded paper decoration which is attached to a gift,
                                     it was originally meant to bring good furtune.

Jewelgami                   Jewelry which is made of origami models.

Judgement Fold           The place of this fold is located by eye, there's no exact place
                                     where the folding should be done.

Kami Paper                  This is the most common used origami paper: It's cheap, many
                                     times coloured on one side and very thin, so it's easy to fold.

Kasane Origami           First, a few origami papers are layed on top of each other in a certain
                                     manner. Then, all these papers together are folded like your folding
                                     with just one paper.

Kawaii Origami            Kawaii means cute. Kawaii origami are cute and funny looking models.
                                     And they are also very colourful.

Kawaii Paper               Paper with colourful and modern looking patterns on it.

Kawari-e Origami         A form of Origami that only uses the finest rice paper with wash colored patterns.

Kid-agami                    Funny, colorful and easy to fold models for kids (and adults)

Kimono Origami          Figures of japanese women with traditional clothes are folded from
                                     very colourful origami papers. Most of these models are flat and not
                                     difficult to fold.

Kimono Origami Paper    Colourful folding paper with flower-like patterns printed on them.
                                     This paper is not only used for folding japanese women in traditional
                                     clothing, but also for cranes, boxes, butterflies and other models.
Kirigami                       This is origami with usage of scissors to make better looking
                                     models. Most times kirigami is used to make it more easier
                                     to design an advanced looking model.

Kirikomi Origami         Origami with a little cutting to make the folding easier and make
                                     the model look more advanced.

Knotology                    3d models are made of long strips of paper. These strips are folded
                                     like real origami to get nice 3d origami models.

Kusudama                    A ball made of paper origami models which are glued together or
                                     pushed inside each other.

Mathematical Origami     This is used to solve mathematical problems like how to make
                                     a model flat without ruining it. This can be used for satellites.
                                     Mathematical formulas can be solved too by making a certain
                                     sequence of folds.

Miniature Origami        Very small origami models, sometimes even smaller then your nails.

Minimalist Origami      As few folds as possible are used to fold a model. These models
                                     often look abstract and/or very modern.

Modular Origami          Various simple origami models are glued together or pushed
                                     inside each other to make one complex looking model.
                                     These are most times mathematical looking objects.

Molecular Origami       The arrangement of atoms in a molecule is changed
                                     by folding this arrangement in different maners.

Money Origami             Origami with real money, great to give as a present to friends.
Mountain-fold               With this fold the paper is folded backwards.
                                     It's one of the most used folds in origami.

Movable Origami         Origami models / toys which you can move / play with, like
                                     a jumping frog or a Jack in the box.
                                     One of the first movable Origami models is the Flapping Bird

Multipiece Origami      Various models made of one single paper are connected to each
                                     other to make one larger model, like a dragon or a building.

Newspaper Origami     Folding models out of newspapers. Not only boats and hats are
                                     folded from newspapers, but real beautiful models too, like
                                     bags, flowers or large dragons.

Newspaper Origami Fashion   You can also fold real beautiful dresses and other clothings out of newspapers.

Office Origami             Origami which is suitable to practice at office, when the boss is on a holiday.
                                     It's often folding small models using Sticky Notes or business cards.

One Crease Origami     These models are folded in just one step, always look very simple
                                     and it's often hard to see what they represent.

One Handed Origami    Folding origami models with just one hand.

Oragami                       The same as Origami, some people say Oragami instead of Origami

Organza Origami          Folding with organza instead of paper. Organza is a fine fabric, like silk,
                                     and often used for making party clothings. Prom dresses / party dresses
                                     are often made in Organza Origami style.

Oribana                        Origami flower arrangements with special attention to the arrangement itself.
                                     It looks very similar to Bonsai Origami, but most Oribana arrangements look
                                     a little more Western instead of Japanese

Orifashion                    Oriëntal fashion, mostly luxurious and inspired by Origami

Origami                        The art of paperfolding.
                                     "Ori" is the japanese word for folding and
                                     "Kami" is the japanese word for paper.

Origami Academy         Most times this is a course for learning the art of Origami.
                                      Some Origami academies make commercial models / books
                                      with their students.

Origami Animation       Stop-motion video with origami models. These videos are made
                                      frame by frame. In each frame the model looks a little different or
                                      is on a different position. When you play the video it looks like the
                                      model is really moving.

Origami Architecture   This isn't origami actually, but I like to mention it in this list.
                                      These are often models that are cut out of one piece of paper.
                                      It's like a pop-up card, but most times very advanced.

Origami Bonsai            Origami flowers and leaves are glued to real branches. Rolled up
                                     newspapers can be used too for the branches. Origami Bonsai is
                                     an idea of Benjamin John Coleman.

Origami Cartoon          Cartoon with origami or about origami. These are often placed
                                     in newspapers.

Origami Clothing          Folded paper clothes (for dolls) and real clothes with folded details
                                     or completely made / folded in Origami style.
Origami Contest           Contest for making the best-looking or most original origami model.
                                     Sometimes it's a speed-contest: Who is the fastest in folding one or
                                     more models?

Origami Couture          Hand measured- and hand-stitched clothes inspired by origami.
                                     In most cases a part of a clothing is folded, but sometimes whole
                                     clothings are made of origami.

Origami Fashion          Clothes that are folded from fabric.

Origami Grandmaster  There are more Origami Masters, but there can be only one
                                     Origami Grandmaster:
Akira Yoshizawa (1911-2005)
                                     He made a real art out of Origami instead of just a craft

Origami Humor            Jokes which have something to do with origami, mine is:
                                     Jack, what you're doing?
                                     I have just printed the coloured paper for an origami elephant.
                                     And now you're folding the elephant with that wet paper?
                                        You have to wait until the ink is dry!
                                     No man! I am wet-folding!

Origami Jewelry          Very small origami models that are used for a ring or an earring etc.
                                     These models are many times made of silver and look like
                                     they are really folded.

Origami Master            Master in origami. There's no doubt about these folding artists,
                                     they are really good in designing new models.

Origami Pop-up card    By opening this card a 3d origami model comes popping out of it.

Origamis                      This word is used when somebody is talking about more then one
                                     origami model.

Origamist                     A person who does Origami

Origami Toys               Origami for kids: Planes, flapping birds, finger dolls, inflatable models
                                     and other fun stuff.

Oshibori Origami          Models are made of small wet towels.

Outdoor Origami          Models which are folded from waterproof paper, so it's no problem
                                     to place them outside the house or to use them for decoration of
                                     your front-door.

Paper molding             Instead of folding you can also use techniques like paper maché to mold
                                     paper into a nice model. The paper is made completely wet first, to make
                                     it easier to mold.

Performance Origami  Origami used for making an interesting performance with public.

Phone Folding              Here people try to explain how to fold a model by using text only,
                                     so it's even possible to give folding instructions through a telephone.

Plastic Origami            Origami folding with plastic sheets instead of paper sheets.

Pokemon Origami        Origami models from the famous Pokemon animation cartoon.
                                     There are also books available with instructions for folding the
                                     figures from the series.

Pureland Origami         In this style only mountain- and valley-folds are used to make
                                     a model, so no other distracting folds like a rabbit-ear-fold.
                                     This makes these models fun to fold for beginners too. This style
                                     is invented by John Smith.

Ribbon Origami            Nice models which are made of a long colourful ribbon.

Robogami                     This word is used for a robot which can fold an origami model.

Senbazuru Origami      A group of 1000 Origami cranes held together by strings.
                                     It's a japanese tradition and should bring good fortune to
                                     the person who folds them.

Simultaneous                 Folding two models in once, so one model in each hand.
two handed origami        

Speedfolding                Folding a model as fast as you can.

Sticky Note Origami    Models folded of small yellow Post-it notes.

Stopmotion Origami    Animation videos with origami models which are made frame by 

Storigami                     By telling a short story people explain how to fold a model,
                                     so it's easier to remember for other people how to fold that model.

Strip Folding                Models that are folded from long strips of paper.

Teabag Origami           Folding cute models of teabags, because many of them are very
                                     colourful. Not only simple models are folded from teabags, but
                                     more advanced models too. Origami teabag models are often used
                                     to decorate cards.

Technical Origami       A new model is designed by using a computer-program. When you
                                     tell the program the amount of petals a model should have, the
                                     program can calculate the folding pattern.

Temari Origami           Temari originates from Japan and it's a ball decorated by winding
                                    coloured ropes around it. Temari Origami is a ball too, but this one
                                     is made of various smaller origami models.

Toilet paper origami    These models are folded from toilet-paper.
                                     An example is a model that is folded on the end of a 
                                     toilet paper roll to decorate this roll.

Towel Folding              Nice looking models that are folded of towels.
                                     These models are often easy to fold.

Traditional Origami     Most times pretty easy models to fold without any cutting
                                     or gluing. The designer of a traditional model is often unknown.

Transforming origami  A model which can be changed into another model quickly,
                                     like a rose with leaves which can be changed into a cube.
                                     Models like this are often made out of more Origami parts.

Unfold                          Undoing one or more folds which are just made
                                     in order to get helplines on the paper.
                                     These helplines are used for later folds that are made.

Unit Origami                This is the same as modular origami. One larger model is made of
                                     various smaller origami models.

Valentine Origami        Origami models which are great to give as a present on 
Valentine's Day, like: roses, hearts, heart-shaped boxes or the 
word LOVE in folded origami letters

Valley-fold                    With this fold the paper is folded to the front.
                                     It's one of the most used folds in origami.

Virtual Origami            Designing Origami models using a computer program. These models can get
                                     extremely complex, but real hard or even impossible to fold in real life.

Washi Paper                 Handmade paper from Japan. The quality of these papers varies 
                                     a lot. This paper is much used by origami-specialists.

Waterproof Origami     Models which are folded from waterproof paper, so it's no problem
                                     to place these models outdoors in the rain.

Wearable Origami        Clothing (dresses, skirts, shoes, hats) inspired by origami. Some
                                     models are 100% origami, like a dress or a hat.

Wet Folding                  This technique is used to make a model less sharp-edged:
                                     You make the paper wet on both sides with a sprayer and then
                                     the model is folded.

Yuzen Papier                Paper with the same coloured pattern that japanese kimono's
                                     have. Many times small drawings of flowers are used to make
                                     these patterns.

Zig Zag folds                Folding of pleats: Folding upwards, then downwards, then upwards, etc.
                                      It is used for things like flyers, fans and umbrella's.

Zombigami                  Folding scary zombies and other undead characters

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