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                         ORIGAMI MASTERS

These are some videos about people who really can design great models. These models
are many times hard to fold from diagrams in a book or a video on the internet, because
it takes many steps to finish them.

Brian Chan - Brian Chan, origami artist and metalworker.

Origami by Beth Johnson - Beth Johnson explains how she designes her models
    Origami Road Runner  Origami sheep
                                                                                                                             Origami Road Runner and sheep by Beth Johnson

Life size Origami Elephant by Sipho Mabona - He used a paper of 15x15 metres to fold
the elephant. The video shows us it was a lot of work to complete the model.
        Life size Origami elephant

Akira Yoshizawa - The origami grandmaster shows his collection of funny animals

Won Park - Started folding at very early age and is specialized in dollar bill folding now

Joseph Wu - Joseph Wu talking about his Origami models
    Origami Lion Origami Lion
                                                                                                               Origami Lion designed by Joseph Wu (view his Flickr profile)

Makoto Yamaguchi Origami Master Makoto Yamaguchi - Origami Master from Japan, who made several books, like:
Lovely Flower Origami Lovely Flower Origami by Makoto Yamaguchi           Origami Dolls and their Clothes Origami Dolls and their Clothes Origami Dolls and their Clothes
Lovely Flower Origami                                      Origami Dolls and their Clothes
Product details: 95 pages with instructions             Product details: 96 pages with instructions for 40 models
for 51 models      language: Japanese                       Language: Japanese

Eric Joisel - Origami master from Europe, France
(11-15-1956  -  10-10-2010)
    Origami rat
                                                                                                                 Origami rat by Eric Joisel

Kamiya Satoshi - Real cool models of Kamiya Satoshi 

Robert Lang - Robert Lang talking about origami

Kade Chan - Kade Chan making large Origami roses for a Ferrero Rocher presentation
    Origami T-Rex
                                                                                                                 Origami T-Rex by Kade Chan

David Brill - Interview with David Brill about origami

Joost Langeveld - Origami Master from the Netherlands
Joost Langeveld        Joost Langeveld       Joost Langeveld        Joost Langeveld
This is me, I'm author of 10 Origami books.