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        ORIGAMI PAPERS FOR Food (related) stuff
Joost Langeveld shows us his own designed Origami Doughnuts here

Joost LangeveldClick on a picture to see the paper in large.
Then select the option 'print' in the menu-bar of your internet-browser to print it out.

Origami Potato Chips paper  Origami Potato Chips paper Potato Chips     
Front           Back

Origami croissant paper   Origami Croissant        

Origami chocolate cake paper   Chocolate Cake           

Origami Hot Dog paper  Origami Hot Dog paper Origami Hot Dog  
Front           Back
Origami cherry cupcake paper  Origami cherry cupcake paper  Cherry Cupcake  
Front           Back

Origami pizza paper  Origami pizza paper  Origami Pizza   
Watch the Pizza tutorial on Facebook
Front           Back

Origami chocolate bar paper  Origami chocolate bar paper  Chocolate Bar   
Chocolate    wrapping

Origami Hamburger paper  Origami Hamburger paper  Origami Hamburger          Origami Hamburgers
front            back

Origami cream cookie paper  Origami Cream Cookie         Origami party food

Origami doughnut paper    Doughnuts             Origami Doughnuts
Origami Popcorn papers    Origami Popcorn Box paper   POPCORN       Origami Popcorn
Popcorn (12x)         Popcorn Box

Origami wafer texture paper    Soft Ice Cream                 

Origami Chicken Drumstick paper    Chicken Drumstick             

origami lollipop paper  red origami lollipop paper   Lollipop (2 versions)  
Pink-white-red   Completely red

folding paper for an origami fried egg    Fried Egg              

paper for an origami bon bon  paper for folding an origami Bon Bon    Bon Bon              
front            back

origami Waffle paper    Waffle                     

origami Rainbow style Popsicle paper    Rainbow Popsicle        

origami sponge cake paper   paper with chocolate texture  Sponge Cake  
front             back

origami hard candy papers    Hard Candy               

origami paper for folding a Milk Carton    Milk Carton                  

origami Candy Cane paper    Candy Cane                   

origami paper for folding a cute cream cupcake    printable paper for a pink origami cream cupcake    
Cream Cupcake 
front                 back 
I used a complete blue paper for the small candy-piece on top
patterned paper for an origami chocolate popsicle    
Chocolate Popsicle     

printable paper for an origami cake    
The whipped cream is made of white papers

printable papers for origami french fries    
French Fries       

To print the double sided patterns, you'll need to print the front side first. Then, wait
a while until the ink is dry. Then, put the paper in your printer again, in a way that
when you print again the back of the paper is printed on. Now you can print the back page
of the double sided pattern.

At this moment I'm (re)uploading my videos to other sites, so not all videos are available yet.
I do have pages with step-by-step diagrams for most of my models