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Click on a picture to see the paper in large.
Then select the option 'print' in the menu-bar of your internet-browser to print it out.

Origami Pineapple paper    Origami Pineapple paper    Pineapple            
Front             Back         (Glue/tape 4 papers together for a life size Pineapple)

origami Watermelon paper   printable paper for an origami Watermelon  Watermelon         
front             back

origami Carrot paper    Carrot (fresh)            

printable patterned paper for an origami banana    

origami paper for folding a strawberry    

To print the double sided patterns, you'll need to print the front side first. Then, wait
a while until the ink is dry. Then, put the paper in your printer again, in a way that
when you print again the back of the paper is printed on. Now you can print the back page
of the double sided pattern.

At this moment I'm (re)uploading my videos to other sites, so not all videos are available yet.
I do have pages with step-by-step diagrams for most of my models