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Yes, it's true even Origami flowers fade. Not as quick as real flowers, a lot slower,
but they do fade after a few years.
My experience learned me that Origami flowers stay very well for a few years
and reamain pretty well for about 4 years.

But after about 5 years the fading of the flowers really is visible.

So, this is my conclusion:
1 to 3 years code GREEN - 4 to 6 years code ORANGE - after 6 years code RED

Is this reason to panic and even stop making paper flowers?
No, ofcourse not! Refurbishing Origami flowers is fun and doesn't take loads of time
in most cases.

Origami Narcissus

Origami Narcissus    Origami Narcissus    Origami Narcissus
This Narcissus flowers arrangement looks a bit to pointy and I made the original
leafs not long enough. The arrangement did look good when I made it, but it's
looking a bit deadish after all those years. I made longer leafs by glueing two short
ones together. And I made shorter flower petals by just folding each tip backwards,
the result is more looking like real Narcissus flowers.
I blew all dust off the model and placed everything in a new clean and shiny vase.
These simple adjustments made the Narcissus flowers more elegant and realistic :)

Origami Roses

Origami Roses    Origami Roses    Origami Roses
This vase with red Origami roses is looking a bit messy after all those years. The leafs are hanging
downwards and some of the stems are also hanging downwards or fallen sidewards. The colors are
still pretty fine, but the whole arrangement isn't as elegant as it was when I made it.
I made sharper folding lines on the flowers and leafs first, then I bended some of the stems back
upwards and made the leafs more visible, using glue on some of them.
Finally I added eight new fresh folded Roses to the arrangement, most of them on the top left.
Now the bouquet is looking full and alive again!

Origami Money Tree 

Money Origami Tree    Money Origami Tree    Money Origami Tree
This is looking more than sad, everything's hanging downwards. A once fierce money tree is now
one pile of nothing. First, I made the main stem shorter and placed it in a new pot with decoration
sand. I made sharper folding lines on all leafs and bended them back upwards.
I also made the lower branche shorter and glued it to the top right of the tree, creating more
balance in the arrangement. The result is a smaller tree that looks more fierce and Bonsai than the
original tree.

Origami Aloe Vera   

Origami Aloe Vera    Origami Aloe Vera    Origami Aloe Vera
This Aloe Vera plant lost some flowers and leafs over the years.... First, I removed all dust
and curved the main stem a little more. I replaced the lost flowers with fresh new ones
making the yellow bunch nice and full again. I kept the old leafs as they are and just added
about 10 new ones on top of them.
After a little work the Aloe Vera is looking better than it ever was :)

Origami Sunflower  

Origami Sunflower    Origami Sunflower    Origami Sunflower
This Origami Sunflower looks totaly dried out, it sure needs some water.
First, I straigtened the stem, looking more like a real sunflower stem, and
placed it in a new pot. The old pot lost it's bright color in all those years.
I used glue to lift the leafs back upwards and I made sharper folding lines
on the flower. These few adjustments made it look fresh and alive again!

Bonsai Origami Flower Tree 

Bonsai Origami Flower Tree    Bonsai Origami Flower Tree    Bonsai Origami Flower Tree
This once cute and elegant Bonsai tree reminds me of a willow tree now.... It had one full cluster
of flowers and leafs, I devided it into two clusters now. First, I devided the branches into two
seperate parts, without making new branches. I placed this new arrangement in another pot filled
with real pebbles. Then I folded some new flowers and leafs and spread them over the two clusters.
This small effort made me a brand new Bonsai Origami Tree :)

Origami Hyacinth  

Origami Hyacinth    Origami Hyacinth    Origami Hyacinth
This Origami Hyacinth also has become very pointy after a few years. The leafs
are made in a pointy Origami style, they're not changed ever since, but the
Original flowers were much more curved in the beginning.
First, I looked a while at photos of real Hyacinths, to learn what makes them
recognisable: The elegant flower cluster and the long leafs at the bottom of the
So, first I removed all leafs and curved all flowers. Then I folded the original
leafs into thin and less edgy leafs. I kept the same pink pot but I removed the
flower decoration and replaced it by a long purple ribbon.... Done!