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                     TOWEL ORIGAMI fun

Folding with towels is pretty popular around the world. Many books and DVD's are available
in shops for people who really enjoy making towel origami models.
Towel models often look very cute and funny, like these animals:

towel origami sleeping puppy    towel origami skunk    towel origami elephant
        Sleeping puppy                                               Skunk (click here for more info)                Towel Origami Elephant (click here for more info)

The rules for towel origami are not as strickt as for the 'real' origami with square papers.
Towel models are often decorated with fake eyes, flowers and other accessories.

    Towel bear     
Towel Origami Bunnies     Washcloth Hippos
      Towel Bear (foto: Angie Sampson)              Towel Bunnies (FoldingMagic)                        Cute washcloth Hippos (Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake)

This Starfish doesn't have any extra decorations, but still looks pretty fine:

    Towel Origami Starfish   
Towel Origami Cats        Towel Origami Boat
      Towel Origami Starfish made of two          These 2 funny cats are also made of             Towel Origami Boat on waves which are
      washcloths, here are the instructions:     towels.                                                                  made out of a towel too.
      Corpany Creative Clearinghouse                At Mr. D.I.Y. are the folding instructions


Towel food models are a good example for models which are decorated with all sorts of accessories:

        Towel Origami Lollipops  
towel origami lollipops    Cute towel cakes
                                                                               Towel Lollipops                                    Cute towel cakes like this are available through
click here for more info                  sites like AliExpress, great to give as a gift!

 towel origami cake with pink bows    towel origami ice creams    Washcloth Lollipop     Pink washcloth lollipop       Washcloth cupcakes
 Towel origami cake              Tasty ice creams made of towels     Lollipop made out of a red   Pink washcloth lollipop   Beautiful washcloth cupcakes!  
 buy it on:                                 click here for more info                      and a pink washcloth                                                        More info here                                                                    Instructions available at Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

 Lollipops made of striped towels  Pink towel cake  Washcloth candy
  Towel striped Lollipops                                      Large pink towel baby cake                                Large washcloth wrapped candy
  Found them at AliExpress                                  by  Mommy's Baby Cakes                                   
by  Mod Diaper Cakes

People often use colored towels to make these models. You can buy cakes and other food stuff like
this in many online shops if you want. Or, when you are getting hungry looking at these pictures,
you can start making them yourself. There are enough instructions on the internet to get you busy.


Towels and tea towels are a great alternative for standard wrapping papers.
It's easy to make a nice gift with just a towel and a cute ribbon.

Making a basket out of a bath towel is fun too:
Disney Princess Towel Cake    Disney Princess Towel Cake found on BuzzBlender
This is a Disney Princess Towel Cake filled with Disney Princess toiletries.
A pretty ribbon is tied around the towel to make it a real cute gift.

And here tea towels are used for fabric gift wrapping, like wine bottles:
Dish towel gift wrap        Wine bottle wrapped in a tea towel  Wine bottle wrapped in a tea towel  Hand towel gift wrap     Wine bottle wrapped up in tea towels
Bottle of wine wrapped up               This bottle is wrapped in a cute tea towel to give as a gift                            (Wine)bottle wrapped    Two tea towels
in a linnen dish towel                        More info at Cotton & Flax                                                                                      in a hand towel              wrapped around
Found at Eatwell101                                                                                                                                                                                                        a wine bottle with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             a ribbon  more info
Bottle of champagne wrapped in a kitchen towel                                   Gift wrapped in a cute tea towel   Gift wrapped up in a tea towel
Bottle of champagne                                                     These two gifts are also wrapped in tea towels   Instructions at Brit + Co
wrapped in a kitchen towel
Instructions at Brit + Co

    Baby washcloths wrapped up in a bath towel
      These are baby washcloths
      wrapped up in a large bath towel

                  BUY TOWEL MODELS IN SHOPS

Next to cakes, lollipops and other cute food-models these kind of models can be bought too: 

towel origami puppy dog    towel origami kawaii bears    Washcloth flowers                                                          
            Puppy made of a small towel                                 Towel origami Kawaii Bears                                        Kawaii washcloth flowers
This kind of models can be bought here:         Buy these bears in shops like this:                           Available through this site

Models like this are often given as a present to use in the bathroom or baby room,
because they look real cute and funny.

    Now these are some real cute looking towel animals!
    Towel animals  Towel animals  Towel pig
    They're not expensive and available through sites like and great to give as a gift.

These are handmade washcloth elephants and are available through sites like
            Washcloth Elephants    Washcloth Elephant
                  Washcloth Elephants made by PrincessAndThePbaby

        Washcloth Baby Ducks
            These funny baby ducks are also
            made of washcloths by

                TOWEL ORIGAMI DOLLS

Dolls are sometimes made of towels too. Mostly, people use more then one towel to create a large doll.
These are some great examples:

towel origami doll   cute towel origami doll with bow on head   towel origami doll with skirt
                Sweet towel doll                            Cute doll with yellow bow on head                                    Large towel doll wearing a skirt
                click here for more info           click here for more info                                     click here for more info

                            Disney Towel Animal   
Towel Origami Poodle Doll
                                          Disney Towel Doll                                 Towel Origami Poodle Doll
                                          (more Disney animals here)

The dolls are decorated with fake-eyes, cute clothes and other accessories. Most people already
have these kind of things at home, so it's no big step for them to start creating a large towel doll.


Towel origami models like the ones below are often used to decorate the beds of guests on large
cruise ships and many luxurious hotels:

towel origami dinosaur      decorative towel origami swan     towel origami bed decoration
        Towel Dinosaur (more info)                                    Gorgeous Towel Origami Swan(more info)   Bed decoration with towels (more info)

Towel origami Crocodile   
Towel Origami Boat       Towel Origami Crocodiles
Towel origami Crocodile (more info)                           Cruise Ship Towel Origami Boat left by the crew    Towel Origami Crocodiles on deck of a cruise ship
                                                                                           after the room was cleaned
    Cruise Ship Towel Animals     Funny Cruise Ship Towel Origami Animals
      Cruise Ship Towel Animals (Captain Greybeard)             Real funny Cruise Ship Towel Origami Animals (info)

Towel origami probably originates from these large cruise ships. It gives the guests a little extra
to their ocean holiday. Too bad these models have to be unfolded so people can dry themselves
with the used towels.


Valentine models are mostly made of white towels and decorated with red flowers, bows, beads
or other red and pink accessories.

towel origami valentine swans    towel origami valentine heart    towel origami romantic bed decoration
     Two towel swans forming a heart (more info)       Large valentine heart made with towels (more info)     Romantic bed decoration 
                                                                                                                                Seen on this site

                                    Towel Origami Love Swans
                                                      Towel Origami Love Swans

The cute red and pink accessories make the white towel models look extra elegant and romantic.

Flowers and Hearts are great for Valentine's Day too and people also make them of towels, 
here are some examples:

towel origami roses    large towel origami flower   decorative flower made of towels   Washcloth origami hearts
 Bouquet of towel origami roses                      Towel origami flower                  Beautiful towel origami flower  Washcloth Hearts
 You can find more here                        Found on this profile            Found this flower here              made by PrincessAndThePbaby

Towel Origami Rose    Towel Origami Roses
   Towel Origami Roses, easy to make yourself and they look real beautiful

Many Valentine models can be bought online, but it's better to make them yourself ofcourse

                         OSHIBORI ORIGAMI

This is folding with wet washclothes. In Japan, restaurants give the customers these kind of
wet towel models for washing their hands before dinner.

oshibori origami kawaii animals      oshibori origami rabbits      cute Disney Towel Animal
      Cute animals made of wet washclothes        Click here for washcloth rabbit instructions      Disney washcloth animal (found it here)
      Found them on this site

   Pink Washcloth Bows        Funny Oshibori Origami Animals      Washcloth Bunny Instructions
    Pink washcloth bows                                                Funny Oshibori Origami Animals (Pinterest)       Washcloth Funny Bunny instructions (

Oshibori Origami models aren't decorated as much as other towel models, so they look
a little more like the 'real' origami in most cases.


You can even make clothes of large towels, without cutting or sewing:

skirt made of one towel     pink dress made of one towel     Polka Dot towel Beach Dress    Disney Little Mermaid Beach Towel Dress
    Skirt made of one towel (more info)                               Use a towel as a dress (more info)                     Beach Towel Dress                       Disney Little Mermaid
Beach Towel Dress

    Cute Towel Beach Dress    Make a towel beach dress       
beach dress made of one sarong  beach dress made of one sarong
      Cute Towel Dress (more info at AliExpress)                      Make a dress of a beach towel                       Polka Dot beach dress made of one polyester beach towel

    Make a towel skirt    make a scarf skirt
      How to make a skirt out of one towel (without sewing or knitting)

beach towel sarong         Sarong tied as a skirt
Skirt made of a beach towel              A WikiHow page shows how to wear a beach towel or Sarong in different ways
(more info)

There are many online instructions for folding/making a skirt or dress of just one towel,
sometimes even tea towels are used for making a skirt.

And you can use a towel as a turban for letting your hair dry:

two girls wearing a large towel turban    Towel head bow                                    
More info                                             Towel head bow (info)                                    


Sometimes people put really hard effort in creating a good model and make
a real artistic picture of that model:

cute towel origami elephants on a bed    decorative towel origami swan on a bed
Cute towel origami elephants (more info)                                  Artistic towel origami swan (more info)

towel origami swan with red rose and skirt around body         Towel bow dress  Towel bow dress More about this dress at POPSUGAR
Gorgeous swan with red rose and skirt              Rita Ora is wearing a dress which is actually a towel wrapped around her body into a large bow
around body
 (more info)


These are some good places for finding towel origami instructions:

        Lots of towel folding videos can be found on You Tube

        This site has a page with towel videos I collected myself

        Squidoo has a page with many links to towel origami instructions

And sometimes people make books about towel Origami or towel Craft:
Towel animals book
Titel: Decoration & Animal with Towel
Author: Someko Narita
Pages:  64 pages