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These are video tutorials for folding all sorts of Origami Insects and very small creatures

Origami Woodlice            Origami Centipede
Origami WOODLOUSE                                Origami Centipede

Fold a realistic Woodlouse out of a small grey paper                 Fold a centipede out of a long paper rectangle

Origami Worms            Origami Mosquito
Origami Worms                                           Origami Mosquito

Fold funny and funky paper Worms                                          Video tutorial for folding a realistic Mosquito
                                                                                            out of a paper with self drawn texture

Origami Cockroach            Origami Bumblebees
Origami Cockroach                                     Origami Bumblebee

Fold a realistic and dirty Cockroach out of                                Fold a Bumblebee out of a small paper
a red/orange paper.                                                              which is colored on one side  

Origami Spider           
Origami Spider                                             

Fold a realistic spider out of newspaper                    
or magazine papers.                                                                     


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