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    VIDEOS - Origami BOXES and other storage models
These are all tutorials for cute boxes, tubes, flasks and other fun storage stuff

Origami Jewelry Chest - Make a useful and decorative paper jewelry chest
        Origami jewelry chest

Gift box with Ribbon - Make a real cute Origami gift box with white ribbon
        Origami gift boxes

Origami flask with lid - Fold a decorative makeup flask with shiny lid
        Origami flasks

Origami diamond box - Make a diamond jewelry box out of two rectangular papers
        Origami diamond box

Origami Makeup Tube - Make a long and thin paper lipgloss / makeup tube
        Origami Makeup tube

Rectangle CAKE BOX - Make an (Origami) rectangle cake box with window
        Origami rectangle cake boxes

Make a Candy Dispenser - This is a tutorial for making a useful candy dispenser
        Origami candy dispensers

Origami round tiered gift boxes - Make useful round Origami boxes
        Origami tiered boxes

Origami letter tray - Easy to make paper stackable letter trays
    Origami letter tray

Origami Flamingo Box - Fold a decorative and useful Flamingo Box
    Origami Flamingo Box

Origami cAKe BoX - Make a nice and useful Cake Box
    Origami cake box

Paper TRASH BIN - Make a paper mesh trash bin out of paper only
    Paper mesh trash bin

Paper storage pot - Make a useful and decorative paper storage pot
    Paper storage pot

Origami rOUNd PENCIL BOX - Tutorial for making a real useful round paper pencil box
    Origami pencil box

Origami stepper box - Make an Easy and Useful Origami Stepper Box
        Origami Stepper Box

Origami compartment box - Make a compartment box out of just two papers and some tape or glue
        Origami compartment box

Origami treasure chest - Fold a realistic looking classic Origami treasure chest
        Origami treasure chest

Make an Egg shaped Box - How to fold a small egg shaped box
        Origami egg shaped boxes

Origami Tube - Pretty easy to fold Origami tube with large lid
        Origami tube

Origami heart box - Fold a beautiful and useful heart shaped box
        Origami heart boxes fashion picture by Joost Langeveld

Origami pencil case - Easy to fold and useful paper pencil case by Joost Langeveld
        Origami pencil case

Book shaped Box - Easy to fold Origami Book shaped Box
        Origami Book shaped Box

Origami carrot gift box - Easy to fold Origami carrot gift box instructions
   Origami carrot gift boxes

Origami Pencil Shaped Pencil Box - Fold a cool pencil box of colored papers
        Origami Pencil Shaped Pencil Boxes

Origami Pencil Case - How to fold a black polka dots Pencil Case of one paper
        Origami Pencil Case Polka Dots Pencil Case

Cute Origami Pencil Box - Fold a cute pink and white polka dots Pencil Box
        Pink origami pencil boxes Polka Dots Pencil Boxes

Strawberry Box - DIY video with instructions for a red Strawberry Box
        Kawaii origami Strawberry Box

Origami Cow Bank - Folding instructions for a real funny origami cow bank
        Origami Cow Bank

Origami Cat Bank - How to fold a funny origami cat bank with special paper

        Origami Cat Bank

Origami piggy bank - Fold a real funny piggy bank of a pink paper

        Origami Piggy Bank

Box of a king with crown - Make a funny origami box of a king with crown

Origami Candy Box - Fold a cute box which is shaped as a large candy

        Origami Candy shaped Boxes Kawaii Boxes

Origami polka dot gift box - How to fold a cute origami gift box

        Origami Gift Boxes

Origami polka dot box - How to fold a cute polka dot origami box

Origami Matchbox - How to fold a blue matchbox from 2 square papers
        Origami Matchbox