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These are videos about me (Joost Langeveld) and my models:

Origami Museum           
My Origami - A Short Guided Tour                                  

This is how my Origami museum looks now                   

BZT Show            Joost Langeveld
BZT Show - Origami Dragon                      Origami Master

The BZT Show invited me to fold a large dragon                       Interview by a TV station about my Origami ambitions
with two boys.                                                                                           

Joost Langeveld            Joost Langeveld
Origami King of the Netherlands              TV Visits my Origami Museum

TV newsprogram about me and my Origami                            TV tour through my Origami studio/workshop

Joost Langeveld            Origami Museum
French Fries in a TV program                    Origami Museum

This is me talking about my Origami and                                  Short tour through my Studio / workplace
showing how  to fold French Fries                                            showing my own designed models.                                              

Origami Boat            Origami Parrots
Akira- Origami Inspired Yacht                  Technic Lego Origami Parrots

I designed this Origami boat for the                                         The parrots move on a one engine powered
ntroduction of a luxurious yacht, the Akira                                Technic Lego construction                                    

Origami Pacman            Paper Weathervane
Pacman Game                                             Origami Bird Weathervane

Animation with Origami Pacman models                                  Paper/Origami weathervane with flapping bird

Origami Tetris Blocks           
Origami Tetris Animation                           

Stop motion animation with my own designed Tetris blocks                               

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