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               VIDEOS - Origami FASHION and ACCESSORIES
These are all tutorials for various fun and beautiful Origami fashion models

Origami Jacket - Make a fashionable Origami jacket out of a red paper
        Origami jacket

Origami summer skirt - Make a hip paper summer skirt for fashion dolls
        Origami summer skirt

Origami Silver Heart Ring - Fold a real nice Origami ring with heart
        Origami heart rings

Origami jeans - Fold a cool Origami jeans out of a long folding paper
        Origami pants

Make a wrap skirt - Fold an Origami wrap skirt out of one paper
        Origami wrap skirt

Origami Glasses - Make elegant and fashionable Origami glasses
        Origami glasses

Origami CROWN - Pretty easy to fold crown for dolls
        Origami crown

Ring with Flower - Fold a cute Ring with white flower decoration
        Origami ring with flower

Origami layered skirt - Make a fashionable paper pink layered skirt for dolls
        Origami layered skirt
Origami skirt (easy) - Easy to fold skirt with denim print paper
        Origami skirt

Origami circle skirt - Make a full circle skirt out of just one colored paper
        Origami circle skirts

Origami Bow Ring - Make an Origami ring with beautiful red bow
        Origami bow rings

Origami Flower Ring - Fold a ring with decorative flower out of just one paper
        Origami flower rings

Origami ring - Fold an Origami ring with a large diamond
        Origami rings

Origami skirt - Fold a pleated High School skirt
        Origami high school skirt

Origami Cheerleader skirt - Make a box-pleated two toned Origami cheerleader skirt
        Origami cheerleader skirt

Origami SUMMER HAT - Fold a fashionable summer hat for dolls
        Barbie with summer hat

Newspaper Origami Dress - Fold a newspaper dress for dolls
        Newspaper Origami dresses

Origami PURSE - Make a cute and nice Origami pleated purse by Joost Langeveld
        Origami purse

Paper tassels - Make cute tassel fashion accessories for bags, clothes etc.
         Paper tassel

Make a Mermaid Tail - Joost Langeveld shows how to make an Origami mermaid tail for dolls
        Origami mermaid tails

Origami tennis skirt - Fold a pleated tennis skirt for dolls
    Origami tennis skirt

Origami Doll Mannequin - Make a paper mannequin for dolls dresses and skirts
    Origami doll dress forms

Origami High Heels - Make elegant Origami pumps out of a large red paper
    Origami pumps

Origami Scepter - Make a Kings or Queens scepter
    Origami scepter

Origami Queens Crown - Make a beautiful paper dolls queens crown
    Origami queen crowns

Origami clothes hanger - Make a real useful paper clothes hanger
    Origami clothes hanger

Paper bangle with Origami STUDS - Make a bangle with pink pyramid studs
    Bangle with Origami studs

Fabric Origami Purse - Fold a purse / clutch using paper and a piece of fabric
        Origami purses

Paper Origami Cowrie Beads - Make a necklace with Origami Cowrie beads
        Origami Cowrie beads necklace

Origami STUDS (Make triangle studs) - Easy way to decorate boxes, vases, pencil boxes, cloth hangers etc.
        Studded pencil case

Origami Foxtail - Make a realistic decorative paper Origami Fox Tail charm with ring
        Origami foxtail

Origami Cowboy Hat - How to fold a cool paper Cowboy Hat
    Origami Cowboy Hat

Origami Sombrero - Joost Langeveld shows us how to fold a cool Sombrero of one paper
        Origami Sombreros

Origami Silver Diamond(s) - Fold cool and beautiful shiny origami diamonds (easy)
        Origami Diamonds