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These videos show you how to fold realistic and tasty looking Origami food models.

Origami Chocolate Cake           
Origami Chocolate Cake                                  

Make a large cake out of Origami cake slices                            

Origami Croissant            Origami French Fries
Origami Croissant                                       Origami French Fries

Make a realistic looking Origami Croissant                                Fold a paper Fish and Chips dish  

Origami Chicken Drumsticks            Origami Backed Chicken
Origami Chicken Drumstick                       Origami Backed Chicken

Make ralistic Chicken Drumsticks out of                                    Fold a realistic and tasty looking Baked
one paper square each                                                           Chicken out of one large Origami paper                                

Origami Hot Dogs            Origami Fried Egg
Origami Hot Dogs                                       Origami Fried Egg

Make realistic and tasty looking Origami Hotdogs.                     Make a tasty looking fried egg :)

Origami Doughnuts            Origami Pizza
Origami Doughnut                                      Origami Pizza

Make Tasty looking paper doughnuts                                        How to fold tasty looking pizza slices
using gold brown papers                                                            

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