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These videos show you how to make Origami candy models, like chocolate and chewing gum.

Origami Banana Candies            Origami M&M's
Origami Banana Candies                            Origami M&M's

Easy to fold Sticky Note Origami Bananas                                  Make fake M&M candies in 6 different colors

Origami Chewing Gum Pellets            Origami Chocolate Bar
Origami Chewing Gum                               Origami Chocolate Bar

Make Origami chewing gum pellets out of                                Fold a tasty looking chocolate bar with wrapper
small shiny papers                                                                                         

Origami Wrapped Candies            Doughnut with sugar
Origami Wrapped Candies                         Make Sugar Crystals      

Make colorful and decorative wrapped candies                         Easy to make fake paper Sugar Crystals                      

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