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These videos show you how to fold things from nature, like trees and feathers

Origami Eagle Wings           
Origami Eagle Wings                                    

Make large Eagle Wings out of Origami Feathers                   

Origami Spiral Seashell            Origami Starfish
Origami Spiral Seashell                              Origami Starfish

Pretty easy and realistic looking paper Spiral Seashell               Fold a realistic Origami Starfish model

Origami Trees            Origami Feather
Origami Tree                                               Origami Feather

Easy to fold Origami tree out of two papers                             Short video tutorial for folding a paper feather

Origami Shark Tooth Necklace            Origami Fishbone
Make a Shark Tooth Necklace                   Origami FISHBONE

How to make a cool shark tooth necklace                                 Fold a realistic paper fishbone out of one long rectangle

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