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    VIDEOS - Origami Pots and Vases
These are video tutorials for folding useful and decorative pots and vases for flowers

Origami Long Neck Vase - Fold a decorative long neck vase
        Origami long neck vases

Origami Vase (normal) - Make a useful paper Origami vase
        Origami vase

Make an oval shaped Origami Vase - Easy and useful paper Origami vase
        Origami vase

Newspaper flower pot - Fold an Origami flower pot out of a newspaper page which is taped to a white paper
        Newspaper Origami flower pot

Origami Bottle - How to fold a decorative paper Origami bottle
    Origami bottle

Origami Vase - Fold a decorative and useful Origami Vase
        Origami Vases