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These are video tutorials for making Origami toys, games and moving things

Origami Block Puzzle            Origami Tic Tac Toe
Origami Block Puzzle                                  Origami TIC TAC TOE

Make a paper block puzzle game with three                              Make a paper Tic Tac toe Game with play rack
different blocks                                                                     

Paper Wind Turbines            Origami Domino Bridge
Paper Wind Turbine                                   Origami Domino Bridge

Make a wind turbine with a 3 blade rotor.                                Fold a bridge out of a large yellow paper.
It's great to use outdoors on a high stand!                                                                                            

Paper Domino Switch            Origami Domino Blocks
Paper Domino SWITCH                              Origami Domino BLOCKS

Make a Domino accessory out of paper, a switch                      Make paper Domino Blocks, fun!

Origami Bowling Pins            Origami Block Town
Origami Bowling Pins                                 Origami BLOCK TOWN

Make a set of 10 Origami bowling pins                                     This block town is made using three different models

Origami Helicopter            Origami Tetris
Origami Helicopter                                     Origami TETRIS   

Quick tutorial for making a cool rotating helicopter                    Make all 7 blocks from the Original Tetris game 

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