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These are video tutorials for all kind of Origami models

Origami Diamonds           
Origami Diamond                                         

Fold shiny glittering Origami Diamonds                              

Paper Woven Cubes            Origami Humans
Paper Woven Cubes                                    Origami Human

Make large paper woven cubes                                               Fold a cool paper human figure

Origami Moai Statues            Origami Tugboats
Origami Moai Statue                                  Origami TUGBOAT

Fold a realistic Easter Island Statue                                         Fold a cool paper Tugboat out of a large
out of one white paper square                                                 paper which is black on one side.                                          

Origami Doll Mannequins            Origami Boats
Origami Doll Mannequin                            Origami Boat

Make paper Dress Forms for dolls fashion                                This is how to fold a pretty cool paper boat

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