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                        MY ORIGAMI BOOKS

When I started with origami I went to every local library to find books about origami.
Later I went to a second-hand shop to buy origami-books. Now I buy most books 
on the internet. And I even started making my own books a few years ago :)
I bought this book in a second-hand shop. There are some
nice models in it, like a tulip or a daffodil.
                                    Origami Shop in the Netherlands

classic origami

This book contains diagrams for some beautiful flowers.
The author combines real flowers with origami flowers.

book origami flowers                                    
book to fold origami flowers

This is my favourite origami-book. I like almost every model in this
book. In it are diagrams for easy models and also for more
difficult models.

creative origami book                                    

In this book are some nice diagrams for animals.
For example a bee: I made about 15 bees and taped them on
a wall in my house. Most diagrams are not very difficult.



A member of my family gave this book to me.
It contains some nice animals, like an elephant, which is made
of 2 square pieces of paper.


book with origami animals

I bought this book in a shop which sells all kind of things from Japan.
In it are diagrams for easy-to-fold flowers.



This is a book for the more experienced origami-enthousiast.
In it are diagrams for beautiful models, like a toucan and a squirrel.
It also contains explanations for various origami techniques,
like wet-folding and painting your own paper.


I recieved a copy of this book from the US because I paticipated in a
paper plane contest. I haven't been at this contest myself but somebody
else threw my plane. I didn't win any price, but in this book are diagrams
for planes of people who participated in the contest and my plane is also
in it.

I made this book with a company from the US.
It contains diagrams for 15 of my flowers and goes with many
coloured origami-papers to fold these flowers.

Feine Falterei                                     
This book "Feine Falterei"  by Susanne Blume and Franziska Panitz has instructions for easy to fold and recognisable models. It also has instructions for one of my gift bags.

This is my second book with origami flowers:
'Beautiful Paper Flowers' and goes with a pack of
folding papers too.

This book has instructions for models which are folded
from money of various countries. Dollars are for the
Statue of Liberty and euros for the Eiffel Tower.
3 models in this book are designed by Kyung Ah Son.

You don't need real money for these models, because
this book goes with a stack of fake money.

This book with mini origami flowers is also
available in Australiä.
It goes with a pack of folding papers,
floral wire and 2 cute clay pots.

It's available through this site:

Hinkler Books

And this is a direct link to Mini Origami Flowers






money origami from around the world                                                                

This book has instructions for 20 funny/cute origami animals.
I really like the origami papers which go with this book,
because it's a little textured.
It contains some beginners models, but also more advanced ones
like an elephant or a rabbit.


book Animal Origami by Joost Langeveld                                                
This book has instructions for 20 flowers like a sunflower,
narcissus or an easy rose.
And this book goes with a stack of papers too, so there's no
need to search for nice papers.



book Flower Origami by Joost Langeveld                                                
This book has detailed folding instructions
for 20 scary/horror models like a bat, a zombie
and a vampire. This book goes with 100 origami
papers special designed for these models, to
make them look extra cool.

More info about Horror-Gami by Joost Langeveld here
This book has instructions + special papers for
20 dino-gami models, like a Triceratops,
a T-Rex and a Velociraptor

Click here for more info on

My books are available in various countries,
like the US and Australiä.
More then 25.000 copies of my first book
are sold now (Fabulous Folded Flowers)

These are some sites with much more
information about my books:
Hinkler Books (Australiä)


horror-gami by Joost Langeveld                                                




Dino-Gami by Joost Langeveld from the Netherlands                                                                       

Origami Master Class Flowers

This is a book with instructions for flowers designed by artists like Robert Lang en Toshikazu Kawasaki.
One of my Narcissus flowers is in this book too.

Mini Origami Flowers by Joost Langeveld

Bonsai Origami Book
beautiful paper flowers

The new millennium paper airplane book

This is a book with instructions for some of my Bonsai flowers,
like a tree, Bonsai Iris and the Dogwood on the cover of the box.
The book goes with 220 origami papers and a long piece of
flower wire to make stronger stems.


japanese origami book origami flowers

Fabulous Folded Flowers

 Joost Langeveld Origami Page


Joost Langeveld

Joost Langeveld Origami Master

Joost Langeveld shows us one of his books here and explains that he uses the models for other things too, like prints for t-shirts, printable cards on his site, online jigsaw puzzles etc.