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                           Origami SHOP
I used my upper-floor a few years first to show my own origami models,
since 2013 I use the first floor of my house as an origami shop and exposition place.

art shop in the Netherlands

hobby shop in Groningen, the Netherlands

paper art exposition in Groningen, Netherlands

art exposition in Groningen, Netherlands

art shop in the Netherlands

Click here for more info about the castle island

Origami castle mountain
Narrow alley made by Joost Langeveld

This video is a short view in my shop:

This is a funny game I made in my museum/shop:
Large origami bumblebee
Click here to see my 'old' origami upper-floor

Steal DRAGON SNAKE of Origami Master
Try to steal an expensive Dragon Snake model out of
an origami museum. Don't get caught by the owner!

Joost Langeveld Origami Artist
Origami books by Joost Langeveld

Joost Langeveld showing his first book
Joost Langeveld is author of 9 Origami books.
More then 50.000 items of his first book "Fabulous Folded Flowers" are sold now. Of his book "Flower Origami" are more then 75.000 items sold !