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Origami Peony Flower

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My origami experiments
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Making origami paper
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Origami is one of the most or the most popular crafts in the world. Thanks to the internet there
are many instructions available for people all over the world.
In the years I practised Origami I became gradually better and better in designing my own
models and have become Origami Master a few years ago.
I design all kinds of models: Flowers, Animals, food, boxes etc. I try to design everthing
I like in real life into an Origami model.
Most papers I use are copy papers with my self-made textures, many of my printable origami
papers are available on this site.

Go to my dutch site

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Origami Parakeets

Origami Swans

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papercraft and origami city
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Virtual Origami Pig

Watch this pigeon in 3D

                             Watch this city in 3
                                       Click on the picture or link above
                                       to see a papercraft/origami town in 3d

                             Watch this pig in 3D

                                       Click on the picture or the link above
                                       to see this origami pig in 3 dimensions

                                       Watch this pigeon in 3D
                                       Click on the picture or the link above
                                       to see this pigeon in 3 dimensions

                             Watch this castle in 3D
                                       Click on the picture or the link above
                                       to see this castle in 3 dimensions






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large origami castle