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                  I found these videos on the internet:

                  various videos
                  origami in commercials
                  folding clothes
                  Origami Fashion
                  make paper clothes and fashion   page 1   page 2
                  Make paper fashion accessoiries  
                  napkin folding   page 1   page 2    page 3
                  towel Origami  MAIN PAGE
                        Towel animals and dolls
                        Towel fashion and accessories
                        Various towel videos

I also have my own channel on You Tube
with all my origami-videos on it.
(I am official You Tube Partner).

Click here if you want to see my channel on You Tube.

Joost Langeveld Origami Master

I am making a background for a new video
here, I already placed the parrot and mouse
in the center. Most times a funny story comes
up in my mind while I'm setting up the
My camera will be placed on a stack of my own
books here.

Joost Langeveld is setting up
a background for a new video