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    VIDEOS - Make paper Cages, houses etc.
These are all tutorials for various cages, homes and shelters

Origami Doghouse - Easy and cool doghouse folding tutorial
        Origami doghouse

Paper Origami Birdhouse - Make real cute and colorful paper birdhouses
        Paper birdhouses

Origami Igloo - Make a paper Origami igloo out of standard white printer papers
    Origami Igloo

Paper animal cage - Craft an animal cage for toy animals or selfmade animals, like tigers
    paper animal cages

Kirigami Mini Aquarium - Make/fold a useful aquarium to store your paper/Origami sea creatures
        Paper mini aquarium

Origami/Kirigami Mini Pet Cage - Make a cute pet cage for your origami animal
        Origami/Kirigami Mini Pet Cage

Origami Birdcage - DIY video with a cute Kawaii birdcage
        Kawaii Origami Birdcage