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                      FOLD YOUR CLOTHES
If you don't know how to fold your clothes, these videos might come in handy.
I collected all these videos from You Tube.

Laundry folding tricks - How to fold socks, stockings, teeshirts and fitted sheets

Fold a shirt in no time - How to fold a shirt in under 2 seconds

How to fold stuff - Fold a sheet, long sleeve shirt, t-shirt and a jeans the right way

How to fold a suit jacket - Instructions for folding a suit jacket neatly

How to fold your underwear - Fold your underwear in just a few seconds

How to pack the line skirt - How to fold your dresses
Girl folding a dress

Tip for folding tanks and tees - Fold your own tank tops and tees
Woman folding a tank top

Fold button-up shirt sleeves - How to Fold Your Button-Up Shirt Sleeves : Denim & Scarves
Girl rolling up her sleeves

Quickly fold boxer shorts - Girl shows how to fold your boxer shorts
Girl folding a boxer short

Folding a camisole - Step by step instructions for folding a camisole

How to fold a nightgown or dress - Fold a nightgown in a few seconds with the Flipfold
Woman folding a nightgown with the Flipfold

Organize your closet, Retail Folding - How to fold a shirt, top and jeans
Girl showing a cool pink t-shirt

How to fold a pillowcase - This is not a clothing-piece, but it may come in handy too
Girl folding a pillow case

Folding jeans - Clear instructions for folding your jeans the right way
Girl in a shop holding cool jeans

T-Shirt folding - Funny video about how to fold your t-shirt
Woman trying to fold her t-shirt

How to Fold your Twill Letter Shirt - Fold your shirts so that the letters don't get bent
Girl holding a t-shirt with text

How to pack skirts neatly - This video shows how to fold your skirts for better storage
Girl folding a cute summer skirt

Bill and Tom folding a shirt - Members of Tokio Hotel show us how to fold a t-shirt
Tokio Hotel in a German tv-programm

How to fold a jacket - Fold your jacket in just a few seconds

How to fold a tank top - Clear instructions for folding your tank top

How to fold a hoody - You can hang them up or fold them like this video shows

How to fold your ultra light down - How to fold winter jackets
Woman folding a winter jacket

Fold a sweater - Now you finally know how to fold your sweaters neatly

Fold your own clothes - How to pack a suitcase for vacation
Cute woman trying to fold a shirt

How to fold a two piece bathing suit - Nice instructions for folding a bathing suit

How to fold panties - This video shows how to fold girls underwear
Girl folding her underwear

Folding a fringed garment - How to fold an unusual clothing piece

Rolling shirts - This folding-technique is nice for traveling, an easy way to keep your clothings neat

How to fold a fitted sheet - Clear instructions for folding your fitted sheets
Cute girl folding a fitted sheet

Fold your petticoat - How to fold a hoop skirt crinoline petticoat

How to fold the wedding dresses slips? - Instructions for folding wedding dress slips

Dress in a box - Fold a wedding dress and put it in a Thomas cook size box
Girl packing a wedding dress in a box

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