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      PAPER FASHION and fashion accessories

Many people are making some real great fashion accessoiries nowadays, and many
of these accessoiries are sold and even used/worn by people :)
Thanks to the internet there are many (good) instructions available, below are some examples.

Flower Hair Accessory   How to make a flower hair accessory from shopping bag tissue paper
            girl with cute paper flower hair accessory

DIY Flower Crown (paper flowers) - This beautiful handmade flower crown headband is made with paper flowers
            Paper flowers crown

Origami Bow Shoe Clips - How to make cute Origami bows for your schoes
    Origami Bow Shoe Clips

Starburst Wrapper Bracelet - HOW TO Make A Starburst Wrapper Bracelet
            girl with a starburst wrapper bracelet

Paper BRACELET - How to make colorful paper bracelet 
            colorful paper bracelets

DIY Woven Paper Bag - This video shows how to make a cool paper bag from magazines
woven paper bag

Paper Hair BOW - How to Make a cute paper hair bow
        Cute paper hair bow

Doll paper flowers Crown - How to Make a Doll Flower Crown
            Doll paper Flower Crown

Paper flower crown - How to Make Paper Flower Crown for Hair Accessories or Wreath Room Decoration

            paper flower crown

Papercraft floral earrings - Floral Earrings from Paper Towel Rolls by Tiffany Windsor
            Paper Floral Earrings

Paper Weaving Earrings - Learn How to make Double Shaded Paper Weaving Earrings

            Paper Weaving Earrings

CUTE Newspaper hat - Making a hat from a newspaper
            cute newspaper hats

Easy Party Hat Tutorial - An easy way to add your own touches to your party!
            Cute pink paper party hats

How to Make PAPER HATS! - MommyTubeHD and Jillian do a fun paper hat craft for mother's day
            Girl with large paper summer hat

Paper Purse Craft Tutorial - How to make a cute paper purse craft with Amy Locurto
            cute paper purses

Paper Purse - how to make a paper purse (original is from shoppinghollys video)
        paper purse

Opened doll umbrella - How to Make an Opened Doll Umbrella Out of Paper
            Cute pink doll umbrella

Origami umbrella - How to fold a cute polka dot umbrella
    Origami Umbrella
                                                                                                                                                    This umbrella is folded from 2 papers

Toilet Paper Twirly Curls - THE most unique hair style I've ever come across
            Toilet paper twirly curls

HOW TO MAKE A PAPER HAT  - Title says it all! ^.^
            girl with self made paper hat

Tissue paper flowers - How to make flowers of pink tissue papers
        Pink tissue paper flowers

Paper Princess Crown - A Birthday to Remember: DIY Princess Crowns

            DIY paper princess crown

European style paper beads - How to make shiny and colorful paper beads
            European style paper beads

Cute papercraft bracelet - Paper bracelet with Beehive Flower made out from paper quilling
            Paper bracelet with Beehive Flower

Papercraft Nike Air Force 1 - How to put together a papercraft of a Nike Air Force 1 sneaker that was made by Shin
            Papercraft Nike Air Force 1

How to make a paper shoe - Learn how to make a paper shoe!
            cool paper shoe

Paper Baby Shoe - I used the Artiste Cricut Cartridge to make this baby shoe
            Paper baby shoes