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These are all video tutorials for funny and cool sea animals

Spiral SEASHELL - Fold an Origami spiral seashell
        Origami spiral seashell

Origami Seashell (easy) - Fold a decorative paper seashell with pearl
        Origami seashells

Origami Seahorse - Fold a real nice paper Origami seahorse
        Origami seahorse

Origami Stingray - How to fold a pretty cool and easy Origami stingray
        Origami stingray

Origami Starfish - Fold a realistic Origami Starfish
        Origami Starfish

Origami Seashell - Fold an easy seashell with large pearl
        Origami seashell

Origami Swordfish - How to fold a cool looking Swordfish
     Origami Swordfish

Origami Sea Lions - Make cool Sea Lions of dark grey (black) papers

        Origami Sea Lions

Origami Sea Dogs - Funny video with instructions for a Sea Dog

        Origami Sea Dogs

Origami FISH - Fold a funny and easy 3d origami fish
        Origami Fish

Origami Fishbone - How to fold a funny fishbone of a white origami paper
        Origami Fishbone

Origami Coelacanth fish - Video instructions for folding a living fossil fish

        Origami coelacanth Origami coelacanth

Origami Dolphin - Fold a real cute and funny origami dolphin

        Origami dolphins Origami dolphins

Origami Crab - How to fold a realistic looking crab of one square paper
        Origami crab Origami crab

Origami Whale - Instructions for folding an easy and funny looking whale
        Origami whale Origami whale

Origami Fish Folding - Folding an orange coloured fish
        Origami fish Origami fish

Origami Shark
- This shark is not very hard to fold

Folding a Fish - I placed a printable pattern for this fish (and many other models) on my site too
        Origami fish  Origami fish