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               VIDEOS - ORIGAMI INSECTS etc.
These are all DIY-videos with instructions for folding funny and dirty insects

Origami Megaloptera Insect - Fold an insect with large wings
        Origami Megaloptera Insect

Origami SNAIL - Fold a snail with large shell and long tentacles
        Origami snail

Origami Cockroach - Fold a cool / funny and realistic Origami cockroach
    Origami cockroach

Origami WOODLOUSE - Easy to fold and realistic Origami woodlouse tutorial
        Origami woodlouse

Origami Centipede - The paper for this Centipede is 4,5 x 29 centimeters or 1,75 x 11 inches
    Origami centipede

Origami Ant - Detailed tutorial for making a realistic and cool Origami ant
        Origami ants

Origami Beetle - Funny Beetle folded out of a 6x6inch paper
        Origami beetle

Origami Mosquito - Detailed (and funny) tutorial for folding a Mosquito
        Origami mosquitos

Origami Grasshopper - Great toy! A real jumping Origami grasshopper
        Origami grasshopper

Origami Fly - How to fold an Origami Fly
     Origami Flies

Bumblebee - Joost Langeveld shows how to fold his Origami Bumblebee

        Origami Bumblebees

Origami Worm - DIY video with instructions for a funny Worm model
        Origami Worms

Sticky note origami bug - How to fold a bug of a green sticky note paper

        Sticky note Origami Bug  Sticky note Origami Bug

Origami Ladybug - Folding instructions for a cute and easy ladybug

        Origami ladybugs  Origami ladybugs

Origami Spider - How to fold a cool spider of a black origami paper

Origami Snail - Video instructions for folding an easy snail model

Jumping Origami Spider - This spider jumps up when you push on it with a finger

Origami Bug - This bug is easy enough to fold a whole swarm in no time
        Origami bug  Origami traditional Bug

Cute Origami Butterfly - How to fold a cute and colourful origami butterfly
        Origami butterfly  Origami Butterfly

Origami Caterpillar - Here I'm folding a funny origami caterpillar, this one is pretty easy to fold
        Origami caterpillar  Origami caterpillar

Origami Wasp - Cool origami wasp folded of a real nice piece of paper
        Origami wasp  Origami wasp

Origami Dragonfly - This dragonfly is not very difficult to fold
        Origami dragonflies  Origami dragonflies

Origami Butterfly
- This is one of the first animals I designed

        Origami butterflies  Origami butterflies