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These are all tutorials for cool, beautiful and funny paper Origami animals
Origami Hedgehog - Fold a cute and cool paper Hedgehog
        Origami hedgehog

Origami giraffe head - Easy to fold and decorative Origami giraffe head sculpture
    Origami giraffe head

Large Origami DRAGON - Joost Langeveld folds a real large dragon here
        Fold a large Origami dragon

Origami Llama - Tutorial for folding a pretty realistic Llama
    Origami Llama's

Fold an Origami Skunk - Pretty easy to fold and funny paper Origami skunk
        Origami skunks

Origami Flying Pigs - How to fold real funny and cool Origami Flying Pigs
     Origami Flying Pigs

Origami Pegasus - Joost Langeveld is folding an Origami Pegasus in this video
     Origami Pegasus horses

Origami Horse - How to fold beautiful Origami horses

       Origami horses

Origami Polar Bear - Joost Langeveld shows us how to fold a cool Polar Bear

      Origami Polar Bears

Origami Donkey - Fold a funny Origami Donkey with wooden cart
        Origami Donkeys

Origami Baby Pig - How to fold a baby pig of a pink Sticky Note paper
        Origami Pigs

Origami Rat - Video with instructions for folding a cool origami rat
        Origami Rats

Origami Kangaroo - Folding instructions for a realistic and funny kangaroo

        Origami Kangaroos

Origami Rhino - How to fold a funny looking origami rhino

        Origami Rhino

Origami Beast - Fold a cool origami beast of a pink/purple paper

        Origami monsters

Origami Mouse - How to fold a mouse with a piece of grey origami paper

        Origami mice

Origami Badger - Make a funny and cute origami badger with a special paper

        Origami badgers

Origami Tiger - How to fold a real cool origami tiger
        Origami tiger

Origami Panda - Advanced origami model of a realistic looking panda
        Origami panda bear

Origami Dragon - This cool dragon with wings is not extremely difficult to fold
        Origami dragon

Origami Dinosaur (Brontosaurus) - Fold your own dinosaur of one square paper
        Origami Brontosaurus

Origami Elephant - Instructions for a real funny and cool origami elephant
        Origami elephants

Origami Raccoon - Instructions for folding a funny origami raccoon of cool patterned paper
        Origami raccoon

Origami Cow - This is a difficult model of an origami cow
        Origami cows

Hippo - Funny origami hippo that looks like a cartoon figure
        Origami hippo

Rat - Folding a white rat with red eyes

Origami Boar - An origami boar with 2 large teeth
        Origami wild boars

Origami Camel - This camel is pretty difficult to fold
        Origami camel

Origami Zebra
- There's a printable pattern for this zebra on my site too

        Origami zebra

Origami Squirrel - There are not many instructions for squirrels on the internet
        Origami squirrel

Origami Pig - Very funny and easy to fold origami pig
        Origami pig

Origami Mole - I have never seen instructions for folding a mole

Origami GiraffeVideo instructions for an easy origami giraffe (beginners model)
        Origami giraffe

Cute Origami Panda - This is a nice beginners model
        Origami panda

Origami/Kirigami Cheetah - Cool folded cheetah, with just a little cutting to make it easier
        Origami cheetah