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  Videos - Make paper Origami CANDIES

Origami English Candy - Make colorful Origami English candy
        Origami English candy

Origami SUGAR - Easy to make paper sugar crystals
        Origami sugar

Origami M&M candies - Make paper M&M candies out of 3x3inch papers
        Origami M&M candies

Origami candies - How to fold colorful Origami candies
        Origami candy

Origami Heart Candies - Make shiny heart shaped candies
    Origami candy

Origami Candy Corn - Easy to fold colorful paper candy corns
    Origami candy corns

Fake chewing gum - Easy and fun way to make fake chewing gum pellets
    Chewing gum background

Origami LOLLIPOP (Round and a Heart Shaped version) - Fold lollipops of shiny red papers
        Origami Lollipops

Origami Wrapped Candy - Easy to craft colorful wrapped candies
        Origami Wrapped Candies

Origami Banana Candy (Sticky Note) - Make a bag filled with sticky note banana candy
        Origami Banana Candy

Origami Marshmallows - How to fold Sticky Note Origami Marshmallows
        Origami Marshmallows

Origami Hard candy - Instructions for folding a jar filled with origami candy sweets
        Origami hard candies

Origami Candy Cane - Fold a few paper origami candy canes of striped papers
        Origami candy canes