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           VIDEOS - origami EXISTING FLOWERS
These are all video tutorials for realistic and beautiful Origami flowers designed by Joost Langeveld
Origami Gladiolus - Fold a colorful Gladiolus flowers arrangement
        Origami gladiolus

Oriental Lily - Fold beautiful Origami Oriental Lilies
        Origami Oriental Lilies

Origami Geranium - Make a paper flowering Geranium plant
        Origami geranium

Origami Primroses - How to fold cute and beautiful primrose flowers
        Origami Primroses

Origami Dahlia - Fold an arrangement of paper Origami Dahlia flowers
        Origami Dahlia

Black eyed Susans - Fold an Origami Black Eyed Susan Flower
        Origami Black Eyed Susan Flowers

Origami thistle flower - Fold a large Origami Thistle plant
        Origami Thistle

Origami Dandelion - Fold a paper dandelion flower by Joost Langeveld
        Origami Dandelions

Origami Crocus -  How to fold cute and realistic paper crocus flowers
        Origami crocus flowers

Holly with red berries - Make an Origami Holly with berries
        Origami holly

Origami Venus Flytrap - Make a paper Origami flesh eating plant
        Origami Venus Flytrap

Origami Orchid Flower - Fold a realistic and stylish Orchid flower
        Origami Orchid

Origami Fritillary Flower - Fold a bright pink and realistic Fritillary flower
        Origami Fritillary flowers

Origami Poinsettia - How to make a beautiful Poinsettia flower
     Origami Poinsettia flowers

Origami Blueberries (Kawaii) - Folding a cute Blueberry plant

       Origami Blueberry plant

Indian Cress - DIY video with an Origami Garden Nasturtium (Indian Cress) and a climbing rack
        Decorative Origami Indian Cress flowers

Origami Clematis Plant - How to fold a Clematis (Inspiration) plant with a white Grow-Rack
        Origami Living Room

Origami Moonbeam Flower (Pink Coreopsis) - DIY video for folding a Coreopsis arrangement (cute!)
        Origami Moonbeam flowers

Strawberry Plant - How to fold a Strawberry plant full with red Strawberries
        Origami Stawberry Plant in a cute pot

Origami Fuchsia flowers - DIY video with folding instructions for a beautiful Fuchsia arrangement
        Origami Fuchsia flowers

Origami Clover - Video instructions for folding a cute origami clover

        Origami clovers

Sticky Note origami daffodil - Make cute daffodil flowers of sticky note papers

        Origami daffodils

Origami Lotus flower - Video instructions for folding a gorgeous origami lotus

        Origami Lotus flowers

Origami Pink Berries - Make cute Kawaii origami pink berries, easy!

        Origami Pink Berries

Origami Sunflower(easy) - How to make large and easy to fold origami sunflowers

        Origami sunflower

Origami Holly Hock - This video shows how to make a realistic holly hock flower

        Origami Holly Hocks

Origami Tulip - Instructions for folding a simple origami tulip
        Origami tulips

Origami Bluebells - How to fold realistic looking bluebells in no-time
        Origami Bluebells

Origami Violet Flower - This pink violet flower is not extremely hard to fold
        Origami violet flower

Origami Carnation - This flower is very cheap, because I only used white printer-paper to fold it
        Origami Carnations

Red Origami Roses - Easy and stylish origami rose folding instructions
        Origami roses

Origami Cherry Blossom - Instructions for very cute pink cherry blossom flowers on a branch
        Origami Cherry Blossom

Origami Lily with five Petals - This is my own variation on the well known origami lily
        Origami Lily

Origami Azalea - How to fold a cute origami azalea in a few minutes
        Origami Azalea flower

Origami Pansy - These colourful origami pansies look very cute in small pots
        Origami pansies

Origami Iris (Advanced) - Video instructions for a beautiful origami iris
        Origami Iris flower

Origami Narcissus - Learn how to fold a very realistic narcissus
        Origami narcissus flower

Origami Christmas Cactus - Instuctions for a realistic christmas cactus in a stone pot
        Origami Christmas Cactus

Origami Daisy - How to fold cute and colourful origami daisies in kawaii style
        Origami Daisies

Beautiful Aloe Vera - This origami Aloe Vera is made of many tiny flowers
        Origami Aloe Vera

Easy Origami Rose - Beautiful origami rose, but not to difficult to fold
        Origami Roses

Amaryllis - This red amaryllis is not very difficult to fold
        Origami Amaryllis

Tiger Lily - This flower is folded of a hexagon shaped paper
        Origami Tiger Lily

Petunia - The flowers of this petunia have 5 petals (easy model)
        Origami Petunias

Origami Sunflower - This model is pretty difficult to fold
        Origami Sunflower

Origami Snowdrops - Making a vase filled with about 15 snowdrop flowers
        Origami Snowdrops

Origami Grape Hyacinth - The flowers are made of very small pieces of paper
        Origami Grape Hyacinth

- The flowers for this foxglove are not very difficult to make
        Origami Foxglove

Origami Hyacinth - You need about 20 flowers for making this hyacinth
        Origami Hyacinth

Origami Arum Lily - The flowers are not difficult to fold
        Origami Arum Lily

Origami Lily - The flowers are not my own design, but the stems and leaves are
        Origami Lily

Origami Daffodil - This origami daffodil is pretty hard to fold
        Origami Daffodils

Origami Tulips - Easy to fold arrangement of red origami tulips
        Origami Tulips

Origami Hydrangea - You need to fold about 100 small flowers to make this hydrangea
        Origami Hydrangea