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               VIDEOS - Paper Origami Toys
These videos show you how to make toys, games and other fun Origami stuff.

Origami Block Puzzle - Make a fun Origami block puzzle game
        Origami block puzzle

Paper AIRPLANE weathervane - This airplane weathervane is made of 17 Origami pieces
    Airplane weathervane

Paper weather vane with rotor - Make a paper weathervane out of 10 6inch papers and one 3inch paper
    Weathervane on the beach

Origami QWIRKLE - Make a paper Qwirkle board game
        Origami Qwirkle

Origami Domino SWITCH - This is how to make a paper switch for your Dominoes
        Paper Domino Switch

Origami Domino BRIDGE - Fold a large bridge for your dominoes
        Origami Dominoes

Make a spinning top - This video shows you how to make a paper Origami spinning top
        Paper spinning top

Paper Tic-Tac-Toe game - Make an Origami TIC-TAC-TOE game with Board
        Paper tic-tac-toe game

Make a Yo-Yo - How to make a cool and easy paper Yo-Yo
        Paper YoYo

Origami Domino Blocks - These dominoes are great for folding in large numbers
    Paper Domino Blocks

Origami Bowling Pins - Make a complete set of bowling pins
        Paper bowling pins

Origami plane wind vane - Fold a propellor plane which you can use as a wind vane
        Paper Origami plane weather vane  Paper Origami plane weather vane

Origami Fish wind vane - Fold a wind vane in the shape of a funny fish
        Paper fish weather vanes  Paper fish weather vanes

Origami Wind Vane - How to make a papercraft origami working wind vane
        Paper weather vane  Paper weather vane