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               VIDEOS - various origami models
These are all tutorials for various funny, cool and cute models

Origami Poisonous Mushroom - Joost Langeveld is folding a poisonous mushroom in this video
       Origami poisonous Mushrooms

Origami Helmet - How to fold a cool Origami helmet
      Origami helmets and weapons

Origami silver bars - Folding realistic silver bars out of tin foil
      Origami silver bars

Origami gemstones (Kawaii) - How to make lots of colorful gemstones
       Origami gemstones

Origami Cactus - Easy to fold Origami cactus video instructions

        Origami cactuses

Origami Sombrero - Joost Langeveld shows us how to fold a cool Sombrero of one paper

        Origami Sombreros

Origami Gemstone(s) - Video with instructions for large colorful paper gemstones
        Kawaii Origami Gemstones

Origami Silver Diamond(s) - Fold cool and beautiful shiny origami diamonds (easy)
        Origami Diamonds

Origami Gold Bar(s) - Fold your own gold bars of shiny yellow papers
        Origami Gold Bars

Origami/Kirigami Mini Pet Cage - Make a cute pet cage for your origami animal
        Origami/Kirigami Mini Pet Cage

Heart Bookmark - How to fold a heart shaped origami bookmark
        Kawaii Origami Bookmarks

Christmas Wreath - Fold a real cute Modular Origami Christmas Wreath with Bow
        Origami Christmas Card with wreaths

Origami Birdcage - DIY video with a cute Kawaii birdcage
        Kawaii Origami Birdcage

Origami Submarine - How to fold a cool submarine of one black paper
        Origami Submarine

Origami Tree - Video instructions for a cute and easy origami tree

        Origami trees  Origami trees

Origami Candle - Video instructions for folding a realistic looking origami candle
        Origami candle  Origami candle

Origami Robot - Instructions for folding a cool origami toy robot
        Origami robot  Origami robot

Origami Mobile Phone - Folding instructions for an origami mobile phone
        Origami mobile phones  Origami mobile phones

Origami plane wind vane - Fold a propellor plane which you can use as a wind vane

        Paper Origami plane weather vane  Paper Origami plane weather vane

Sticky Note origami Star - How to fold a cute star of a Sticky Note paper
        Origami stars  Origami stars

Origami Fish wind vane - Fold a wind vane in the shape of a funny fish

        Paper fish weather vanes  Paper fish weather vanes

Origami 3D painting - How to make a 3d origami painting inspired by M.C. Escher

        Origami Escher pattern  Origami Escher pattern

Origami Wind Vane - How to make a papercraft origami working wind vane

        Paper weather vane  Paper weather vane

Origami Palm Tree - Folding a realistic origami palm tree of two papers

        Origami palm tree  Origami palm tree

Origami Japanese Tree - How to fold an easy origami Japanese tree
        Origami Japanese tree  Origami Japanese tree

Origami Mushroom - How to fold a cute origami mushroom
        Origami mushroom  Origami mushroom

Origami Fireworks - This video shows how to fold cool fireworks rockets

Origami Elephant Bookmark - Instructions for folding a bookmark with an elephant on top
        Origami Elephant Bookmark

Origami Turtle Bookmark - Instructions for folding a bookmark with funny turtle

        Origami Turtle Bookmark

Origami Panda Bookmark - Fold an adorable bookmark with a panda head

        Origami Panda Bookmark

Origami Bookmark with a Rabbit - How to fold a funky bookmark with a rabbit on top

        Origami Rabbit Bookmarks

Origami Bookmark with Heart - How to fold a cute bookmark with a red heart

        Origami Heart Bookmark

Origami Matchbook with matches - Make a cool matchbook with fake origami matches
        Origami matches  Origami matches

Origami Winged Heart - Easy to fold red heart with white wings
        Origami winged heart  Origami winged heart

Modular Origami Ball - Pretty easy to fold modular ball
        Origami modular flower ball  Origami modular flower ball

Cool Modular Origami Model - Modern and futuristic looking origami model
        Origami modular object  Origami modular object

Modular Origami Model - Modular origami flower ball made of 18 connected flowers
        Origami modular flower ball  Origami modular flower ball

Origami Heart - This animation shows you how to fold a cute and easy origami heart
        Origami heart  Origami heart

Origami Cactus - Pretty easy to fold model of a cactus

Speedboat - Easy-to-fold origami speedboat
        Origami speedboat  Origami speedboat

Origami Sailboat - This boat is folded from a single square piece of paper
        Origami boats  Origami boats