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These are some videos with instructions for making funny/cute towel animals and dolls.

Washcloth Owl - Make cute and funny washcloth owls
    Washcloth Owls    Washcloth Owls

Towel Origami rabbit
- How to fold very cute rabbits of tiny towels

Towel Puppy Dog - This is how to fold a cute towel dog

Make five different washcloth animals - How to make a penguin, rabbit, cat and mouse, teddy bear and a duck

Towel Origami baby bear - Instructions for a cute towel baby bear

Towel Origami Fish - Make a funny towel fish, or more!
    Towel Origami Fish

Washcloth Godzilla Monster
- Fold Godzilla's head of one wet washcloth

Fold a funny towel animal
- This opposum is made of one large towel

Make a towel baby doll - How to make a funny baby doll out of a few towels
        towel Origami baby doll

Make towel Origami Valentine Swans - Make 2 swans which form a heart together

Folding a Penguin out of a washcloth - How to make a cute washcloth Penguin

        washcloth Origami penguin

Towel Origami Frog - How to make a funny frog out of a towel
    Towel Origami Frog

Towel craft goldfish - How to make a towel goldfish
    Towel Origami Goldfish

Make a towel Origami Snake - Make a large snake out of one towel in just a few seconds

Fold a towel Origami pig - How to make a funny pig out of two towels

Cute towel butterfly - Make a very cute butterfly out of one small towel

Cute towel Origami doll - How to make a small and cute doll out of one tiny towel

        washcloth Origami doll

Towel Crab - Make a funny crab out of one large towel

Towel Lobster - How to make a lobster of a few towels

Towel Origami Snail - How to make a real funny snail out of a few towels

Towel doll - Make a funny doll of a small towel

Tea Towel Chicken - Funny! Even more funny if you use a towel with a nice color

Towel Origami Swan - This is a pretty easy towel Swan

Towel Origami Elephant - Make a funny towel Elephant

Towel Dog - How to make a towel puppy dog

Oshibori Origami - Examples of some models which are made out of small towels

click here for MAIN MENU towel Origami