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               VIDEOS - Origami furniture
These are all tutorials for models like chairs, tables etc. Great for a paper dollhouse!

Origami Sun Umbrella - Fold a dollhouse sun umbrella with stand
        Origami sun umbrella

Origami Coffee table - Easy to fold paper dollhouse coffee table
    Origami coffee table

Dollhouse Origami Couch - Fold a real nice couch out of one square Origami paper
    Origami couch

Origami THRONE - Fold a Queen's throne with high back
    Origami thrones

Origami wardrobe - Fold a real nice paper Origami dollhouse wardrobe
        Origami wardrobe

Origami table and chairs - Make a paper dollhouse table and chairs set
        Origami table and chairs

Origami dollhouse chair - Make a paper dollhouse chair
    Origami chair

Origami doll bed - Make a dollhouse bed out of just one paper
    Origami bed