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             VIDEOS - my origami COLLECTIONS

Television visits an Origami Museum - Interview with Joost Langeveld showing his museum
    Joost Langeveld

Origami Museum - This videos shows my museum is getting fuller and fuller

Origami wind vane with sea gull - The gull on this wind vane moves automatically

Origami Museum - My museum in Haren(Gn) the Netherlands
        papercraft birdcages

Origami 3d TV - Origami planes moving on a technic lego construction

Origami Parrot Cage - Origami Parrots moving on a technic lego construction

Origami Showcase - These models are from 2008 and 2009, the origami castle is my favorite.

Models of summer 2008 - I designed these models during the summer of 2008

Flowers of early 2008 - These flowers are made in the first months of 2008

Flowers autumn 2007 - I made these flowers late in 2007

Flowers summer 2007
- These are all existing flowers


Flowers may-june 2007 - These flowers are all my own design

Flowers april-may 2007 - I also took pictures outside for this video

Flowers march 2007 - These flowers are also my own design

Animals - Here I show some origami-animals

Flowers february 2007 - Origami flowers

Flowers januari 2007 - Origami flowers

Origami flowers - Flowers

Origami Animals - My first video with origami-animals

Origami Flowers - My first origami-video