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             Origami Fashion and accessoiries
Origami is being used more and more to make fashionable clothes and accessoiries.
It's even used in bridal fashion and as a theme for complete Fashion Shows.
Amor Design Institute Fashion Show - Fashion Show with wearable Origami clothes
                wearable Origami fashion

Christian Dior haute couture - Fashion Show which also has some great Origami ball dresses

                Origami ball dress

Origami skirts - How to use Origami skirts in your wardrobe

                Origami skirt

Kawaii Origami Bag - Make a real fashionable and cute Origami bag

                Kawaii Origami pouch

No sew bag - How to make a useful bag without sewing

                No sew drop bag

Dave and Johnny Dress - Elegant dress with folded patterns
        Dave and Johnny dress

Origami Bow - How to get the simple yet stylish Origami Hair Bow by Namrata Soni

        origami hair bow

Origami Earrings - Handcrafted Origami Earrings Jewelry
        origami earrings

Origami Fashion - Origami fashion designed by BiJian and modeled by Ruby Oliveros
        origami pleated skirt

Lucky Star Earrings - DIY Mini Lucky Origami Star Earrings

        Lucky Origami Star Earrings

Fashion Show - Origami fashion show with great outfits
        Origami Summer Dress

Origami Bridal Fashion - Origami Collection by Z Wedding D'sign
        Origami Wedding Dress

Fabric Origami - Make four-petal flowers in fabric
                Origami smocking flowers

DIY origami skirt - no zipper! - How to make a real origami skirt
        Origami Mini Skirt

Vintage origami dress - Asymmetrical Vintage Origami Fan Mini Couture Dress

        Asymmetrical Vintage Origami Fan Mini Couture Dress

Origami Skirts - For a new take on a mini skirt, try the origami trend
        Origami Plaid Skirt

Fashion show - Origami inspired fashion show with some real great dresses

        Origami Girls Dress

Fashion Film: KPOP, Asian Ghosts, and Anime/Origami Fashion - ARTPOP, Do What You Want 
Click here to go directly to the part with Anime Origami fashion
        Anime Origami Dress Anime Origami Girl Anime Girl with Origami Dress

Paper Fashion Show - Great fashion show with paper outfits, dresses and skirts
        hot Paper Dresses

TR Cutting School -The Origami Dress Project - DIY Origami couture dress
        Origami Couture Dress

How to make origami Earrings - Davi Kallman makes Origami earrings
        Origami Earrings

Nythreen Origami Bow Dress [] - Origami dress on Catwalk
        Origami Bow dress

Origami fashion artist - Diana Gamboa makes beautiful and artistic Origami clothes
                Wearable Origami art

Origami top - This top/dress can be dressed in different ways
                Origami top

Origami wonderland
- Fashion show in a large papercrafted Origami setting
                Origami Wonderland

Origami Bodice - How to make a bodice in Origami style
                                    Origami bodice

Origami assymetrical skirt - How to make a wearable Origami skirt
                                Origami skirt