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  Videos - Folding food and food related stuff
Joost Langeveld Origami Master
Joost Langeveld showing
his Origami pineapples
Origami Popcorn - Joost Langeveld is folding Origami Popcorn with Popcorn Box
   Girl with Origami Popcorn

Origami Cups (or Mugs) - How to fold cute Origami cups
   Origami cups

Origami table knife - How to make Origami table knives
     Origami table knives

Origami fork - Instructions for a realistic Origami fork
       Origami forks

Origami Silver Spoon - How to fold a silver spoon of tin foil
       Origami silver spoons

Origami Fruitcocktail - Fold juicy looking Origami Fruitcocktails
      Origami juicy Fruitcocktails

Origami strawberry Sorbet Ice Cream - How to fold easy Strawberry Sorbet Ice Creams
     Origami strawberry sorbet ice creams

Origami pineapple - Joost Langeveld is folding a life size Pineapple in this video
    Origami pineapples

Origami soft ice cream - Make a tasty looking Origami soft ice cream of one paper

        Origami soft ice cream

Origami Baked Chicken - How to fold a realistic baked/roasted chicken
        Origami baked chicken

Origami Chicken Drumstick - How to fold a cool and realistic paper origami drumstick
        Origami Drumsticks

Origami LOLLIPOP (Round and a Heart Shaped version) - Fold lollipops of shiny red papers
        Origami Lollipops

Fried Egg - Origami video with me folding a fried egg
        Origami French Fries and Fried Eggs

Origami Chocolate BonBons - Origami video with me folding a cute chocolate Bonbon
        Origami Bonbons

Origami Wrapped Candy - Easy to craft colorful wrapped candies
        Origami Wrapped Candies

Origami Spaghetti - Fold a realistic looking Spaghetti dish with some veggies
        Origami Spaghetti

Origami Fish and Chips - Use shorter (or valley-fold shorter) papers for variation in the chips
        Origami Fish and Chips

Chocolate Bar - Fold a tasty looking chocolate bar of just one brown paper
        Origami chocolate bars

Origami Banana Candy (Sticky Note) - Make a bag filled with sticky note banana candy
        Origami Banana Candy

Origami Marshmallows - How to fold Sticky Note Origami Marshmallows
        Origami Marshmallows

Origami Waffles - Video instructions for realistic and tasty looking waffles
        Origami Waffles

Rainbow Popsicle - Video with me folding a colorful origami popsicle
        Origami Rainbow Popsicles

Origami Watermelon - DIY video with me folding a fresh watermelon
        Origami watermelons on a plate

Origami Sponge Cake - Easy to fold cute kawaii origami sponge cakes with chocolate

        Origami sponge cakes

Origami Carrot - This carrot is real easy to fold

        Origami carrots

Origami Hard candy - Instructions for folding a jar filled with origami candy sweets

        Origami hard candies

Origami Egg Cup - Folding cute kawaii egg cups of polka dot origami papers

        Origami egg cups

Origami Milk Carton - How to fold a milk carton of one piece of printer/copy papier
        Origami food in a fridge

Origami Cherry - How to fold red and tasty looking origami cherries
        Origami cherries

Origami Candy Cane - Fold a few paper origami candy canes of striped papers

        Origami candy canes

Origami Cream Cupcake - Video instructions for a real cute and tasty looking cream cupcake
        Origami cream cupcakes

Origami Chocolate Popsicle - Instructions for making a tasty looking origami popsicle
        Origami chocolate popsicles

Origami Banana - How to fold a realistic and tasty looking origami banana
        Origami bananas

Origami Strawberry - How to fold a tasty looking origami strawberry
        Origami strawberries

Origami Cake - origami cake with folded whipped cream on top of it, looks tasty!
        Origami cake

Origami French Fries - These french fries are easy to fold and look very realistic. 
        Origami french fries