Joost Langeveld Origami Page

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       Videos with horror-gami folding instructions
Joost Langeveld and his Origami Castle Island
Joost Langeveld often uses his Castle Island as background for a new video

Below are some videos with instructions for folding scary/creepy origami models.

Origami Werewolf - How to fold a cool werewolf out of a brown paper
        Origami werewolf

Origami ghost - Fold a ghost out of a white paper, the head is drawn later
    Origami ghosts

Origami Grave (Yard) - How to fold a cool grave or a complete graveyard
        Origami Graveyard

Origami Ghost - DIY video with me folding a cool and easy ghost figure
        Origami Ghosts

Witch on a Broomstick - How to fold a flying witch (with ugly nose) on a broomstick
        Origami Witch

Origami Werewolf - Video instructions for a cool origami werewolf

        Origami Werewolf

Origami Skeleton - Fold a real cool skeleton using a white piece of copy/printer paper

        Origami Skeleton

Origami Headless Horseman - Folding instructions for a headless horseman with origami horse

        Origami Headless Horseman

Papercraft spiderweb - How to make a large spiderweb of one piece of printer/copy paper

        Paper spiderweb

Origami Zombie - Video with instructions for making a cool origami zombie

        Origami Zombies

Origami Raven - Folding instructions for a complete black origami raven

        Origami Raven

Origami Mummy - How to fold a cool mummy of a complete white paper

        Origami Mummy

Origami Skinny Ghost - Folding a skinny ghost of a white piece of printer/copy paper

        Origami Skinny Ghost

Origami Dracula Skull - How to fold a Dracula Skull of a complete white paper

        Origami Dracula Skulls

Origami Grim Reaper - Video instructions for a cool origami Grim Reaper with funny head

        Origami Grim Reapers

Origami Scary Hands - Folding instructions for bloody origami horror-hands

        Origami Scary Hands

Origami Zombie with knives - How to fold a cool origami zombie with knives in his hands

        Origami zombie with knives

Origami Vampire - Fold a cool and pretty easy origami vampire

        Origami Vampire

Origami Black Cat - Instructions for folding a cool and advanced black cat

        Origami Black Cat

Origami Bat - How to fold a cool origami bat of a brown piece of paper

        Origami Bat

Origami Witch Hat - Video instructions for folding an origami witch hat

        Barbie witches

Origami Ghost - How to fold a funny and easy origami ghost

        Origami Ghosts

Origami Crow of death - Easy to fold origami crow which look very sad
        Origami Crows of death