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                    ORIGAMI MONEY MODELS

DIY Money Tree - Make a paper tree with real money leaves
        Origami money tree

Money Origami flower Bouquet - This money flower bouquet is a great wedding gift

        Money Origami Flower Bouquet

Origami money Eiffel tower - 3 notes of 50 euro are used to fold this model
        Money Origami Eiffel Tower

Dollar Bill origami Plane - Easy model of a plane that can really fly
        Dollar Bill Origami Plane  Origami Plane

Money origami Greek Building - A typical Greek building, pretty easy to fold
        Origami Greek Temple  Origami Greek Temple

Money origami Tower of Pisa - Difficult euro origami model of the Tower of Pisa
        Money Origami Tower of Pisa

Dollar Bill Statue of Liberty - This model is folded of 4 one dollar bills
        Money Origami Statue of Liberty Origami Statue of Liberty

Dollar Bill origami Giraffe - This giraffe with 4 legs is folded of a one dollar bill