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               VIDEOS - Origami nature stuff
These videos show you how to make paper trees, plants, mushrooms etc.

Origami Pine Cone - Make decorative paper folded Pine Cones
        Origami pine cone

Origami BAMBOO Plant - Make a paper Lucky Bamboo plant
    Origami Bamboo

Origami Peacock Feather - Fold paper peacock feather decorations
    Origami peacock feather

Origami Mexican Cactus - This is how to fold a Mexican style cactus out of one rectangular paper
    Origami Mexican Cactus

Origami Acorn - This is an easy way to fold pretty realistic paper Origami Acorns
        Origami acorn

Origami FEATHER - Easy to fold but pretty realistic looking Origami feather
    Origami feathers

Origami Pumpkin - Detailed tutorial for folding a lifesize pumpkin
        Origami pumpkin

Origami Tree - Easy to fold Origami Tree
        Origami tree

Origami cactus plant with flowers - Fold a decorative cactus plant with flowers
        Origami cactus

Origami Poisonous Mushroom - Joost Langeveld is folding a poisonous mushroom in this video
       Origami poisonous Mushrooms

Origami Cactus - Easy to fold Origami cactus video instructions

        Origami cactuses

Origami Tree - Video instructions for a cute and easy origami tree
        Origami trees  Origami trees

Origami Palm Tree - Folding a realistic origami palm tree out of two papers
        Origami palm tree  Origami palm tree

Origami Japanese Tree - How to fold an easy origami Japanese tree
        Origami Japanese tree  Origami Japanese tree

Origami Mushroom - How to fold a cute origami mushroom
        Origami mushroom  Origami mushroom

Origami Cactus - Pretty easy to fold model of a cactus