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                   VIDEOS - ORIGAMI BIRDS

Origami Rooster - This is how to fold a pretty easy paper Rooster
    Origami rooster

Origami Peacock - Make a 3d peacock out of single Origami feathers
        Origami Peacock

Origami Turkey - Fold a pretty realistic and funny Origami Turkey bird
        Origami Turkey

Origami WOODPECKER - Fold a funny and funky Origami Woodpecker
        Origami woodpecker

Origami Firebird - This firebird is folded of a white paper with a self drawn pattern
        Origami Firebird

Origami Flying white Goose - How to fold an Origami Goose
       Origami white Goose

Origami Cockatoo - Video with Joost Langeveld folding a cute and cool Cockatoo
   Origami Cockatoos

Origami baby ducks - This video shows how to fold Origami baby ducks
       Origami baby ducks

Origami baby chickens - How to fold funny and cute Origami baby chickens
       Origami baby chickens

Origami Lovebirds - DIY video with instructions for funky Origami Lovebirds
       Origami Lovebirds

Origami Canary - Make funny canaries of yellow papers
       Origami Canaries

Origami parakeet - Instructions for a funny and beautiful Origami Parakeet
       Origami Parakeets

Origami Swans - This beautiful swan is also designed by Joost Langeveld

        Origami swans

Origami Vulture - Folding video for a cool origami Vulture model
        Origami Vultures

Origami Cartoon Bird - How to fold a real funky origami bird
        Origami Cartoon Birds

Origami Owl - Instructions for a pretty easy to fold origami owl

        Origami Owls  Origami Owls

Origami swallow - This video shows how to fold a funny swallow

        Origami Swallow  Origami Swallow

Origami Bluebird - How to fold a beautiful bird in a few minutes
        Origami Bluebird  Origami Bird

Origami Duck - Instructions for folding a real funky origami duck
        Origami Ducks  Origami Ducks

Easy Origami Penguin - Video instructions for folding a realistic looking penguin
        Origami Penguins  Origami Penguins

Origami Chicken - How to fold a funny origami chicken in just a few minutes
        Origami Chickens  Origami Chickens

Origami Hummingbird - Cute origami hummingbird-model. This video has a nice intro
        Origami Hummingbird  Origami Hummingbird

Origami Toucan - Funny origami toucan, this one is not very difficult to fold
        Origami Toucan  Origami Toucan

Origami Parrot - This parrot can stand on a table if you'd like
        Origami Parrot  Origami Parrot

Origami Flamingo - Funny model of a flamingo
        Origami Flamingo  Origami Flamingo

Origami Blackbird  - I have never seen another origami blackbird on the internet
        Origami Blackbird  Origami Blackbird

Origami Pigeon
- On this site is a pattern for the paper of this pigeon

        Origami Pigeon  Origami Pigeon

Origami Penguin - This penguin is not real hard to fold, but it looks pretty good

Origami Bird - This model looks a bit like the well-known origami crane
        Origami Bird  Origami Bird

Origami Bird Folding - This is a nice model for beginners. Printable pattern on this site too.
        Origami seagull    Origami seagull