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                       DIAGRAMS - Main Menu
Next to my origami videos I also make a lot of diagrams for folding many nice models.
Some of these models are difficult to fold, but many others are pretty easy to make.
You can choose a group from this list:

                Flowers with 4 petals
                  Flowers with 3 petals
                  Other origami flowers
                  Leafs and stems etc.
                  Origami Animals
                  Origami Boxes and vases
                  Origami Planes
                  Fashion and Accessoiries
                  Food and Food Related models
                  Money Origami Models
                  Dino-Origami Models
                  Horror-Origami models
                  Other origami models

Click here if you want to see a menu with diagrams
which you can print on your own computer.

How to Dust Origami Models

Joost Langeveld dusting his origami models

Joost langeveld dusting his models

People regularly ask me how I keep my models
free from dust, this is my answer:

step 1:
Hold the model in front of your mouth

step 2:
Blow the dust off the model