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           DIAGRAMS - Various Origami flowers

Click on a picture to see diagrams of the model.

Flowers wall decoration

a flower with 6 petals
Origami flowers used for wall decoration

red origami flower
Pink flower                              Red flower                               Poppy

Red flower                               Red flower                               Flower for hyacinth


diagrams for a pink flower

Pink flower                              Orange flower                         Red flower

Orange flower                         Pink flower                               Kirigami Flower


White flower                            Pink flower                              Flower arrangement


purple flower

Purple flower                           Red flower                               Pink flower

Tulip                                         Pink flower                              Red flower


origami tulip


pink flower

Pink flower                              Orange flower                         Water Lily

easy-to-fold flower

Flower (Easy model)              Orange flower                         Flower with 5 petals


making a kirigami daisy

Daisy(Kirigami)                       Gerbera(Kirigami)                   Red Flower


cute red origami flower

Cute red flower                       Origami Foxglove                   Beautiful sunflower


origami amaryllis

Origami Amaryllis                   Bulb flower                               Modern Tulip


colourful origami fireworks flower

Fireworks Flower                   Simple Flower                         Sunshine Flower


origami lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley                    Anthurium                                 Rose


origami primrose

Primrose                                 Cattail                                        Houseplant


realistic origami houseplant

origami cactus

origami cattail
Cactus                                     Azalea                                        Violet


realistic origami lily with five large petals

Lily with five petals               Rose                                           Primrose


sweet origami cherry blossom arrangement

Pansy                                      Christmas Cactus                     Tulip

Cherry Blossom                     Sunflower                                   Iris


origami iris

decorative origami sunflower
cute and kawaii origami pansies


cute and easy origami primrose arrangement

beautiful origami narcissus

origami tulip
origami christmas cactus
Valentine origami rose

Narcissus                               Daffodil                                       Lotus


cute origami daffodil

origami dahlia flower

origami lotus
Dahlia                                       Water Lily (2011)                      Carnation


Bonsai origami narccissus arrangement

cute origami azalea
origami carnation

Bonsai Narcissus                  Bonsai Origami Iris                   Bonsai Flower Tree

origami violet flower
elegant and stylish white origami water lily

Bonsai Origami Tree with red Flowers

Bonsai Origami Bell Flowers

Bonsai Origami Iris Plant

cute and sweet origami rose

realistic looking origami anthurium        

Bonsai Bell Flowers             Bonsai Branch with Flowers        Bonsai Plant with tiny Flowers
Bonsai Origami Plant with small flowers
Bonsai Origami Fuchsia Flower

Bonsai Origami Flower Branch

Bonsai Fuchsia                     Dogwood Tree                           Bonsai Plant with Buds


Bonsai Origami Dogwood Tree

Bonsai Origami Gardenia Flower

Bonsai Gardenia                   Blueberry Plant                         Origami fritillary flowers


Origami Flower Ball Tree

Flower Ball Tree                    Origami Orchid Flower              Bonsai Origami Tree

Origami fritillary flowers

Kawaii Origami Blueberry Plant

TIP for quicker prefolding
If you want to fold lots of the same flowers (or other models) this is a small trick to make the prefolding go faster.
Joost langeveld shows us how:

Bonsai Origami Tree

Origami Venus Flytrap Plant

Origami Crocuses

Paper Daisy flowers             Origami wildflower                    Origami Dandelion
Venus Flytrap Plant              Bonsai Origami Tree                             Origami Crocus
                                                            (non-triangular shaped)

Bonsai Origami Tree
Origami Orchid Flower

Paper daisies artwork

Origami wild flowers

Origami Dandelion

Bonsai origami plant with flower buds

simple and stylish origami flower arrangement

yellow origami sunshine flower

Origami Thistle

Origami Thistle plant           Black Eyed Susan flowers       Dahlia flowers arrangement

Origami Black-Eyed Susans

Origami Dahlia flowers

Joost Langeveld

Joost Langeveld
pink origami bulb flowerJoost Langeveld
cute and modern looking origami tulip
Origami Primroses

Origami Primroses              Newspaper flowers                    Make magazine flowers

Magazine flowers

Newspaper flowers

origami sunflower
beautiful pink origami foxglove

Origami Bamboo                  Origami Geranium                      Make an Ivy and roses
Origami Bamboo

Origami Ivy with flowers    Oriental Lilies                             Origami Gladiolus flower
Origami Geranium
Origami ivy and roses

Origami Ivy

Lay 2 Origami papers on each other   Prefold both papers in once                 Now you've prefolded 2 papers in once :)

(Joost uses this for his Origami bricks too)

Origami gladiolus flowers

Origami Oriental Lilies

red origami flower with a yellow center

a kirigami gerbera flower

Flower with 5 petals

diagrams for this flower arrangement


origami water lily

Kirigami flower

a pink flower
orange flower
pink flowerred origami flower

a white origami flower
orange flower pink flowerorange origami flower
orange origami flowerred origami flower
pink origami flower
diagrams for a red flower

red origami flower

origami poppy
diagrams for a flower flower for a hyacinth